Where Are They Now? The Stars Of One Tree Hill


Do you ever lay awake at night and think to yourself: “I wonder what the cast of One Tree Hill are doing with their lives?” No? Maybe that’s just me then, but I decided to catch up with them and share what they have been up to in the years since our favourite teen show!

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CBB Calum Best Exposed In X-Rated


Celebrity personality and notorious ladies man Calum Best has always kept us guessing with revealing selfies and steamy photoshoots, but now the hunk has been fully exposed in new leaked images.

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Who Is Adam Ellis?


If, like me, you find yourself procrastinating on the internet for hours on end, it is entirely possible you have stumbled upon this artists work without even noticing.

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Guide To: Pride Flags


There are so many flags denoted to the LGBT community nowadays that it can be difficult to properly assess the meaning behind each classification. We’ve decided to break down the meanings and origin of each pride flag for your information.

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Kick Start Your Year With These Irresistable Calendars


2016 is now insurmountable as being perhaps the worst year in recent history, with many feeling down after questionable political decisions, the passing of far too many legends, and other unthinkable tragedies…Harambe anyone? The best way to kick the new year off in style is by owning one of these stunning calendars.

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Guide To: The Hanky Code


Gay men have always been pros at searching for sex. Long before Grindr, men would use colour coded handkerchiefs to discreetly signal exactly what they were looking for. While the practice is no longer widely used, we’ve decided to explain what this phenomenon was in its heyday.

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