Rihanna ‘BBHMM’ Review

The internets all abuzz over Rihanna’s new music video for “Bitch Better Have My Money”.

The most important question is ‘Why did you wait over 3 months since the song was released to put out the video?’ This song was a bop when it first dropped, but was underplayed and under hyped. Now time has passed it’s a case of too little, too late we’re on to the next and still asking why?

From her upcoming EIGHTH studio album the song, written and produced in part by Kanye West, is a typical Rihanna single nothing groundbreaking but something you can nod your head to.

With over 17,000,000 views the video, directed by Rihanna herself, features violence, drugs, alcohol, partying and nudity. So a typical Rihanna video. The seven minute long feature sees Rihanna on a mission to get the money she is owed from her accountant “The Bitch”. She kidnaps his wife, hangs her upside down nude, forces her underwater in a pool, tapes her mouth shut and seemingly forces her to party with her posse for the weekend.

The video itself is very visually appealing, the outfits and props are all stunning, from the vibrant colours of the ladies partying on the boat, to the grimy motel sleepover as the camera rolls while RiRi smokes her signature blunt.

Our favourite scene sees Rihanna standing in an elevator with a Louis Vuitton case looking surly as the pretty blonde lady enters, when the doors open the beat starts and Rihanna emerges dragging a suspiciously heavier case as the lady is nowhere to be seen.

Fans and critics have been split as some have called the video ‘shocking’, ‘vile’, ‘misogynistic’ and ‘crude’ while others have noted that it is just a music video, an exaggerated story to suit the nature of the song. Our main problem with the video, rather than content is the editing, while the video is quite good, the music starts and stops quite abruptly several times as though it wasn’t sure wether it was trying to be a short movie or a music video. We would have been happy with either.

The main devisive point of the video is whether or not it is feminist or anti-feminist. One the one hand she is standing up and claiming what is rightfully hers, doing whatever it takes to gain respect and be taken seriously by the man, on the other she is using another female to bring this about. No matter what people are saying, Rihannas laying in her Louis Vuitton case counting her money, do you think she cares? Google “Rihanna Accountant” and you’ll see why she made the video.

The question remains: In a time of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, can music videos be shocking anymore?

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