‘Barely Famous’ Review

In a world where everyone and everything seems to have a reality television franchise, sisters Erin and Sara Foster seem to fit the mould to front their own show. 

Blonde, beautiful and living in Hollywood these sisters are daughters of legendary music producer David Foster with family links to ‘Real Housewife’ Yolanda Foster, Brody Jenner and the Kardashians. However, their show ‘Barely Famous’ is not your typical reality show. Turning the ever-increasing genre on its head these girls star in their own “documentary” following their lives in Hollywood, trying to make it on the scene.

Part reality show, part mockumentary, part sitcom these girls aren’t your typical socialites, they’re wickedly funny and even more smart. In a parody of the increasingly fabricated story lines of shows like ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ and ‘The Hills’ the Foster sisters faux reality show sees them organising their own paparazzi, and trying to increase their social media presence.

Though they play fictitious versions of themselves, the foster girls deal with their own life problems, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Sara, who appeared on 90210 until 2012 is struggling with booking acting gigs, while also dreading the fact she is ageing. Younger sibling Erin spends her time looking for love, while struggling to fit in to the Hollywood scene.

While attempting to climb the celebrity ladder the pair see themselves breaking into Courtney Cox’s house, chasing around James Franco after a booty call and trying to wangle a free Birkin bag from Kate Hudson, among dealing with the other celebrity cameos.

The show is full of awkward celebrity encounters and social faux pas such as in one episode Erin goes on date with a disabled person as to not seem intolerant in front of the cameras, or another where Sara was caught donating a fake Louis Vuitton bag to a prestigious event.

Though they’re poking fun at the reality shows system the girls insist they’re not insulting any individual franchise or stars but the desperation to be famous, pulling back the curtain of the celebrity system. As Erin states “We are not being mean spirited, we’re poking fun of a culture that is such a huge part of our lives today. Without judgement, we’re in a really crazy time right now, you become famous first and then you figure out what you want to do with it. It’s a really backwards way of having a career.”

Breaking the fourth wall the girls get notes from the producers telling them they’re unlikable, and forgettable causing them to feign kindness and amp up their antics. Their shallow, eccentric story lines echo that of the girls past publicity, such as Erins real life ‘lesbian phase’ with Lindsay Lohans ex-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.

Airing on Vh1 as the channels first scripted show, the audience is not as large as the show deserves, but the social media following is dedicated. The perceptive comedy dishes out the laughs from start to finish, any reality show fan, or even those opposed to it for that matter will enjoy this witty deconstruction of the Hollywood machine. We can’t wait for season two to air early next year!

Our verdict is: Smart and witty. If you love to hate reality shows, and roll your eyes at the celebrities gracing the front cover of tabloids, this show is definitely for you.

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