Prince Wills Shows LGBT Support At Bullying Workshop

Prince William has openly stated his support for the LGBT community this week.

Attending a bullying workshop at a British school yesterday, the future King declared that if he were to witness homophobic bullying he would “comfort the victim and confront the bully.” This is the first time he has formally declared his LGBT support, which drew much praise from the audience.

‘It was great to have his support, to have somebody of that stature and that high up, speaking up against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia,’ 17-year-old gay student Tom Broughton tells The Daily Mail.

During the LBGT bullying session, participants were asked to stand on one side if they would comfort the victim and another if they would confront the attacker, to which Wills stated he would do both. ‘I would try to confront, to tackle the person. I usually find myself right in in the middle of problems so that’s pretty much where I’d be,’ Wills stated during the hour-long session.

Wills has previously shown support by inviting trans RAF pilot who he served alongside to his wedding shortly after she transitioned. Brother Harry also made news in 2013 where he actively defended a gay soldier he fought alongside against homophobic comments made by fellow troops. Mother Diana famously visited the bedside of people with AID’s to refute the stigma that people can not get close to those with the illness.

The Diana Awards, a charity set up in his mothers memory, has created an ambassador program, which trains children, staff and parents to help tackle the issue in their communities, while also helping young people understand that there is no need for them to suffer in silence. More than 16,000 Anti-bullying ambassadors have already been trained by the Diana Award in 3,000 schools across the United Kingdom.

Though this small act of kindness may not seem like much, it is a giant step to see the support on a topic which has been much ignored by the Royal family.

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