As we are now firmly at the centre of the ‘selfie culture’, slapping a filter on your pictures just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Ever scroll through your Instagram feed and wonder how these celebs look flawless, even in the most casual of situations, or how the quality of their pictures look far superior to yours even if they’re captured on the same iPhone?

Their ‘secret’ of course is FaceTune, the worst kept secret around, the app basically a simplified Photoshop that can help you edit your photos in seconds with the smallest of effort before sharing them across all your social media sites to get those likes.

Ready to download at £1.99 many people may choose to use the dozens of free alternatives packed in the app store, but for any true selfie lover, this is a small price for the simplicity and professionalism this little tool can bring.

The product is a must have with an endless array of uses, you can get rid of blemishes, whiten your teeth, smooth out wrinkles, fill in bald spots, retouch your hair colour, make parts of your body such as your nose or stomach smaller and other parts (mainly your butt) bigger!  You can touch yourself up as little or as drastically as you want.

The app also has its own filters and colour toners so that you don’t have to keep reusing the Sierra filter on Instagram for that even glow.

If you’re looking for a natural look however, you may want to watch the demo and practise a couple of times before posting as several celebrities have hit the headlines after too much virtual nipping and tucking this year; Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce and Miranda Kerr have all been a bit snap happy with the app recently. So the key is to make it believable, you don’t want people to know outrightly that you’ve edited yourself and if they say anything always reply with “Good lighting”. In the words of Cruel Intentions “Everybody does it, it’s just nobody talks about it.”

Possibly the best app ever created?

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