Who Are The Rhodes Bros?

It is impossible that you could have gone through 2015 not knowing who the Rhodes Brothers are, but we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about these gay twins.

The fraternal twins brothers, Aaron and Austin Rhodes, 20, sky rocketed into the public eye in January of this year after posting as emotion video to Youtube.

Reaching over 20 million views, the video saw the twins publicly announce their homosexuality on camera and explain they have come out to everyone in their lives except their father. What followed was an emotion scene as the boys struggled to get out the words to break the news to their father over the phone.

After a lot of stalling and tears Aaron finally said: ‘I mean I don’t really know how else to put it, but like… I’m gay, and, Austin is too’

As the boys waited anxiously through a few silent seconds their father reassured them: ‘You know I love you both, you know that’ll never change.’

Soon after posting, the video went viral and saw the boys invited onto ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, with their father, where she not only interviewed them but also gifted them $10,000.

The brothers, who had a small audience before the video, saw their subscribers skyrocket to almost half a million helping them become fully-fledged YouTubers and continue their online fame as a duo.

To pursue their Hollywood dreams the pair left their hometown in Ohio, where they both worked as sales associated at Hollister, and made the big move to Los Angeles where they are currently studying at Georgetown University.

In June 2015 they were signed to Wilhelmina Models in Los Angeles, and have gone on to cover magazine Local Wolves, as well as featuring in a spread for PAPER Magazine.

The boys have most recently tried their hand at acting in “Scream Queens”, Ryan Murphy’s latest hit show alongside an all star cast as frat boys ‘Rodger and Dodger’.

We’re excited to see what the brothers choose to do next, but until then you can keep up with their lives on their regular YouTube videos as well as their updates on Instagram and Twitter.

Watch the emotional coming out video below!

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