September Favourites

Septembers done and a month of horror and sweaters lie before us. But before leaving September 2015 behind, we’ve decided to take all of our favourites of what this month had to offer and share them now with you.

Scream Queens


From the twisted mind of Ryan Murphy, this new horror-comedy is out latest guilty pleasure. With an all star cast including Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande and the stunning Nick Jonas, the dialogue is razor sharp and the men rant bad to look at either. Definitely our favourite new show this fall.

Lana Del Rey, Honeymoon


Our past three Lana Del Rey records have been overplayed to say the least. A favourite in the gay world, her latest release is her most cohesive work yet and ranks up among the best of her albums so far. After the stunning video for ‘High by the Beach’ we’ve been captivated once more and are excited to see what she brings to the table with her next singles.



A reimagining of the gangster Kray twins the film is an okay watch but theres one reason this movie makes our favourites, or maybe two. Tom Hardy. The hunky actor works double time playing both twins, Ronnie and Reggie. As if seeing two Hardy’s on our screen wasn’t enough, one of the twins is also gay with a hot secret lover played by none other than Taron Egerton.

Made In American, 2015 – Beyonce


Queen Bey’s hyped performance may be hard to find online without owning Jay-Z’s premium service ‘Tidal’ but it’s worth the search. Bringing back old hits like ‘Jumpin” and mixing up fan favourite tracks with artists samples Bey revitalises her show once again. She also performs ‘7/11’ and ‘Feeling Myself’ for the first time as well as the remixed version to ‘Crazy In Love’ which were all flawless. We’ve been re-watching all month.

Hemp Hand Protector


From just £5 at Body Shop, you can have 4/20 whenever. The hemp hand cream can be used as both a moisturiser and a hand protecter to fight agains dry skin as the weather turns colder. With only a slight pleasant fragrance and no oily residue, the cream is not overpowering and lasts throughout the day.

Jumper T-shirts


Were in the primary months of Autumn which means its too warm for a jumper but too chilly for just a T-shirt. Ergo, the jumper T-shirt. We’re loving the form fit for the fall to show off the last of the summer bod we didn’t achieve, and these waffle texture cotton knits have us in love. The one above is from River Island, at just £18.

Lumee Case


A lot of September favourites is about the transition away from summer and the Lumee Case fits right with that. Looking quite plain and snapping to your phone like any ordinary case this one has an amazing feature for taking selfies in low lighting. A row of LED lights around the edges works just like a vanity mirror, providing you with professional lighting for all your selfie needs. The lights can also be manually dimmed and works on a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, independent from the phone.

Roshe Runs


Now summers coming to a close we’ll be hitting the gym a lot less but these running shoes are still a must have. There’s a reason Rosches are so popular at the moment and a lot of that is down to the comfort. Walking around in these Nike’s will make you feel like all your walking counts as exercise and give a look that you actually care about your fitness. Also, having a pair of these in your closet is handy for when you get an urge to turn your life around and go for a jog. (Because let’s face it, they’ll only get two days use max.)



Our lunches at EAT have been one of our favourite things this month. This may be among the last times we can grab a take out bag and enjoy our food al fresco while the weather is still bearable. Completely fresh, filling and tasty, while you can enjoy a simple lunch from a variety of stores, you can never seem to go wrong with EAT. Our recommendation is the chicken, bacon and avocado baguette with a banana and honey granola yoghurt, paired with their refreshing pink lemonade cooler.

‘Why Not Me?’ Mindy Kaling


We adored Mindy Kaling’s first book ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?’, so wasted no time in ordering her newest effort. While the follow up was wonderfully hilarious like her last, there was a noticeable change in tone, the laughs were paired with touching stories and astute, witty insight. Like always Mindy gives her unapologetic, thoughtful and honest take on real issues which makes for a compelling read. Mindy shares all about her career, personal life, and even a few celebrity encounters, which doesn’t hurt.

Let us know what you think of our favourites. What are you loving this month?

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