Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Engaged!

Tom Daley AKA ‘gay celeb crush number one’, shockingly announced Thursday morning that he and Dustin Lance Black were engaged!

The Olympic diver has now posted the first image of the pairs engagement rings alongside a heartfelt message that read: : ‘#HeSaidYES and then #ISaidYES ❤️Thanks for all the lovely messages!’


The message suggests it was the 21 year-old who initially proposed to his American partner, 41, before accepting a proposal back. The couple previously announced the engagement in The Times, this is the first they have officially commented on the news.

The couple have been dating for two years, just a few months before Tom sensationally came out in a viral YouTube video that was applauded for its bravery upon release.

Tom previously discussed the relationship saying that it was love at first sight and back then, he once again made the first move.

Exstatic at the news, Toms mom Debbie said: “The whole family is extremely excited and looking forward to the big day. They are going to wait until after the Olympic Games in Rio before they decide on the date of the wedding and where they want to marry.”

She added: “There is an age gap, 20 years, but then again age is but a number.”

Re-watch Tom’s coming out video below. What do you make of this sudden news?

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