Top 10: Camp Horror Movies This Halloween

It’s the most wonderful time of year on the gay calendar: Halloween! We’ve picked some of our favourite movies for you to enjoy in the lead up to the day. Because of course, what good is Halloween if it’s not celebrated for the whole of October?

While originally picking horror movies for the list, we decided to mix in the best camp classics also.

1. Jennifer’s Body


First up we’ve got the criminally underrated flick ‘Jennifer’s Body’, starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried as besties Jennifer and Needy. With Diablo Cody penning the script, the dialogue is whip-smart, never missing a beat for a sassy retort, or quotable phrase – “You’re lime green jello”.

While it’s not chocked full of scares, the gory moments are there, but we find ourselves rooting more for the villain, “i’m not killing people. I’m killing boys”, until she turns of Needy of course. The movie is a dark comedy over anything else, so if you’re looking to jump this may not be for you, but if you want a good time it’s the perfect cult film.

The eye candy is varied. There’s no typical beauty but there’s something about the boys we’re sure you’ll enjoy watching. Geeky Johnny Simmons, emo Kyle Gallner, rocker Adam Brody and our favourite Chris Pratt (Before his Hollywood make-over).

2.A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge


This one is notorious for being one of the gayest horror movies of all time. Follow up to Wes Cravens slasher classic ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, this sequel did not garner critical or commercial success because, lets face it, it’s not a great movie. The reason it’s on our list is because it’s so bad it’s good, and how can you not bear to witness the most unintentionally gay horror movie ever?

A lot of horror has been examined for homosexual undertones but from leather gay bars, S&M-style murder scenes, wrestling semi-naked with friends to the utterly perplexing twerk solo to ‘Touch Me All Night Long’, the film is filled to the brim with outlandish gay references.

Mark Patton brings us our first male scream queen with character Jesse, and trust us he is a screamer. While Robert Rusler’s ‘Grady’ gives us our resident hunk to help us schlog through the less than stellar storytelling.

3. Jeepers Creepers 2


Another sequel on the list, ‘Jeepers Creepers 2’ is one of those rare horror movies that outshines the original.

Is there anything better than jocks and cheerleaders being picked off one-by-one in a slasher? Especially when the jocks are constantly topless and sunbathing together. There’s a higher body-count than the first and the film, while not as well made as the previous, is bigger and more fun.

Yes theres a girl who has strange visions, a dead character from the first movie shows up with no eyes and the killer makes out with a severed head, but what movies perfect? For any complaint one thing above all else in this film fixes that, Al Santos.

4. Hellbent


Although we’re not the biggest fans of this one, ‘Hellbent’ has been dubbed “the first gay slasher film’ so it automatically earns a place on the list. It must be said it is refreshing to see a slasher made for gay audiences, given the lack of LGBT characters in mainstream outings.

Clearly not being a big Hollywood movie like the rest, the movie was independently made. Meaning less budget, no big actors and a DIY sense of film making. Given these fact, the outcome is surprisingly well crafted.

The film is a truly scary horror with an endless amount of hot guys ready to be next. The killings are imaginative and stomach turning. Intoxicatingly bewildering, the movie is fun enough to enjoy once but doesn’t rival the greats.

5. The Covenant

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Chace Crawford, Sebastian Stan and Taylor Kitsch, need we say more? The film also gained painfully low ratings and even worse reviews, but who cares when these guys are on screen?

Covenant is pretty much ‘The Craft’ but with hot guys instead of gothic gal pals. The storyline may leave a lot to be desired, but in true camp horror style, it doesn’t really matter.

Filled with homoerotic shower scenes, naked fighting and guy on guy kissing (for secret magic reasons, obvi), this film definitely won’t be winning any oscars soon, but it’s won a place on our top 10 so that counts for something, right?

6. Hocus Pocus


While this one may not be a horror, ‘Hocus Pocus’ definitely makes up for that in the camp. Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker dress up pretty much like drag queens while sashaying around lusting for youth.

While the Disney film was initially made for kids, the high camp made it a gay classic for Halloween. The movie is nothing extravagant, just unadulterated fun and laughs with cheesy dialogue and outlandish performances.

Midlers performance of “I Put A Spell On You” is enough for us to re-watch this every year. A perfect popcorn movie, we’re just waiting on the much anticipated sequel. Never give up hope!

7. Serial Mom


Directed by gay legend John Waters, ‘Serial Mom’ was destined to be a gay cult classic even before it was created. Kathleen Turner stars as as the perfect homemaker, Stepford wife and mother of two, who also happens to be a pathological killer.

Wearing white after labour day, not rewinding video rentals, stealing a car parking space; all reasons for gristly murder in this mothers eyes. A fact we can identify with. The film is over the top hysterical, toeing the line between Waters early outrageous works and the light tone of his recent outings.

Unlike some of the other picks on this top 10 list, this is actually a really good movie we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Camp, fun, slightly psychotic and an appearance from Joan Rivers, what could be better?

8. Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark


While we’ve listed this movie, anything Elvira is perfect for Halloween. The gay icon goes hand in hand with anything horror.

Bringing beauty, humour and breasts, the character is drag personified; skimpy clothes and a bad ass attitude. There’s nothing subtle or understated about this film, the dialogue, the innuendos are  front and centre, just how we like it.

There’s a reason this character has been around for three decades, she’s right up there with the likes of Madonna and Cher but with a penchant for the macabre. Always dressed to perfections, ready to fight and with a snarky comeback for any situation, this divas everything we aspire to be.

9. Beetlejuice


We’re happy to watch any Tim Burton film, but this above any other is perfect for this time of year.

The film is a dark comedy with an especially unique sense of humour that gets better with each time you watch. The ‘Day-O’ scene has us in bits during every viewing. Mixing astute observations with endless slapstick, not everyone will appreciate this movie, but those who like it, love it.

The make up and costume for each character as well as the extravagant set designs and use of props are all fabulously over the top. Plus, the sheer presence of Catherine O’Hare and Winona Ryder each cumulate to create one of the most colourfully gothic camp classics of Halloween must-sees.

10. The Addams Family


Superbly sensual Morticia, sweet Gomez and deeply emotionless, sadistic Wednesday, we’d rather spend our Halloween with ‘The Addams Family’.

Perhaps a gay classic for being an outcast type of family, with wonderfully quirky characters like Cousin It and Thing, this cult classic oozes camp. Every line to come from Wednesday’s mouth is an instant hit, and Joan Cusack’s character in the sequel, gold digging ‘Debbie Jellinsky’ provides us with relationship goals.

Both the original and the equally enjoyable sequel has us laughing out loud with its dark humour and gothic stylings. This is arguably Christina Ricci’s greatest performance, stealing the show with her deadpan delivery.

What are your favourite Halloween movies?

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