Scream Queens Perfectly Shades Taylor Swift

We’re sure you’ve been keeping up with this premiere seasons best new show: Scream Queens.

Those who watched last nights episode ‘Haunted House’, will have seen lead character Chanel Oberlin’s ‘Chanel-O-Ween’ which saw the sorority girl give horrific gifts to her fans.

Writing the ecstatic girls letters to go with their gifts, Oberlin describes them as ‘devastatingly mediocre’ and hoping the gifts ‘brightens up your trailer park’. The clip ends with Chanel covering multiple magazines with hyped up titles like “Greatest Woman EVER?”

The segment is a direct parody of Swift’s own ‘Swiftmas’ that was buzzed about last year. From the emojis sent to the fans inbox’s, to their over-the-top reactions and Chanel’s faux love wrapping the gifts.

Though most of the homage may seem to be a tongue-in-cheek way of poking fun at the pop singer in a show that uses constant pop culture references, but the shadiest line seems to be “I’d like to see you post this all over social media for my own personal gain”. A critique often made against Swifts decision to film and post the events.

This is the second reference the hit-maker has gotten in the show so far, a character in previous episodes was dubbed ‘Deaf Taylor Swift’.

We also know Swift’s rival Katy Perry is a fan of the show, first tweeting her anticipation then instagramming herself watching the first episode. We wonder if T-Swizz will reply, or just shake it off.

What are your thoughts on Scream Queens? Do you detect shade?

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