Top 10: Bop’s Of The Week

It’s Friday, so we’ve made a playlist of this weeks best tracks for the weekend!

1. Something In The Way You Move – Ellie Goulding

Unapolagetically pop, the third song from Goulding’s upcoming album Delirium features her signature ethereal vocals on top of an electro beat with a chorus you can instantly sing along with. Much like Goulding’s previous outing we’re guessing this will be on the radio for the next few months.

2. Hold Up, Wait A Minute – Zhu feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Trombone Shorty

An amalgamation of music artists, including the mysterious Grammy-nominee Zhu, release this jam. Featuring  New Orleans brass fixture Trombone Shorty as well as an appearance from legendary hip-hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony it’s a big, fun track with plenty of funk and ’90s vibes.

3. Revival – Selena Gomez

She finally lost ‘The Scene’ and those cheesy Disney tracks, this album will be the making of Selena Gomez. With sexy bops dropped such as Good For You and Me & The Rhythm, Revival is another great song for the stars comeback album. With Demi and Miley tearing up the airways, we’re hoping Gomez can get some chart success.

4. Toms Diner – Britney Spears

Yes this track has been around a while, first leaked at the start of the year, but we finally have the released studio version and it is spectacular. Spears may not have the greatest voice, but her signature robotic, nasally offering is perfect on this cover. We’ll definitely be dancing to this in our kitchen as we make our kale smoothies.

5. Hey Everybody! – 5 Seconds Of Summer

While we’ve never listened to a full album, and there’s only one hot member of the band (whose nudes are leaked btw), 5SOS have released a few singles we’ve enjoyed, and this ones no different. A shouty boy band song, perfectly crafted for live shows, the song is fun and sounds like late 90’s pop punk.

6. Unbreakable – Janet Jackson

From her new album of the same name, this is Ms. Jackson’s second single. We had to include pop legend on our list, her new work is the best she’s released in quite some time. The other songs on the album are just as good with both thumping beats and Jacksons angelic, timeless R&B vocals.

7. Love Me Like You – Little Mix

The band can do no wrong at the moment, the biggest girl group around with tabloid attention as Perrie holds the title of nations sweetheart after her untimely break up with Zayn Malik. Their singles and performances have been on point, keeping them at the top with no fear of being overtaken by the likes of Fifth Harmony. This latest song may not be an instant smash like Black Magic but the doowop, 50’s style is cute and retro. The production emotes a feeling of christmas songs, so we’re sure this will be out winter jam.

8. Runnin’ (Lose It All) – Naughty Boy feat. Beyonce

This one sounds like the perfect summer song, so we’re perplexed as to why it’s been released now. Although me may be team Zayn in the Zayn vs Naughty Boy feud, Beyonce will always come out on top. The production is great, we’ll give Naughty Boy that, and although we don’t quite know who Arrow Benjamin is, we can’t wait to hear what his own work sounds like.

9. Broadway – R. City

With a plethora of mix tapes, guest appearances and production work, this duo have written dozens of chart topper hits for artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. With such success already it’s crazy this track comes off only their second album. But as you’re sure to know the production is wicked and the track is a definite car song.

10. Kiss Me – Olly Murs

Lead single for a repackaged version of his number one album from last year, Never Been Better, the song is a mid-tempo pop outing with retro elements. The track is a lot slower than Murs’ previous hits, but the slower, sexier songs are in right now following bops like Selena Gomez’ Good For You. We’re sure with him appearing on X Factor we’ll get a great live performance and an overplay on the shows.

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