Listen Now: Nick Jonas Drops New Song ‘Area Code’

Nick Jonas just surprised fans with a new song and music video Area Code. 

Released October 9, the track is a departure from his previous self-titled record Nick Jonas, instead his use of auto tune and sultry black and white video makes the single look and sound more hip-hop than pop.

Stylised much like a Drake or The Weekend offering the video sees Jonas brooding in the rain with clips from his concert and helicopters galore. Put this one with The Hills on your playlist.

Jonas previously uploaded a demo version of the song on Soundcloud stating it wasn’t finished as he was looking for a feature for the track, it looks as though he decided to release it solo as it is pretty much unchanged standing at a short 2 minutes and 42 seconds.

After Levels, and now Area Code we’re looking forward to the full album dropping, though who knows if we’ll get a date or another surprise.

What do you think of Nick Jonas’ latest song and video?

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