Meet Seann Miley Moore: X Factor’s Genderqueer Phenomenon

A staple of any year, the countdown to Christmas is preceded by the countdown to the X Factor winner.

The past few years the show seems to have run out of steam with constant rotations to the judging panel, over the top format changes, such as the brutal six-chair challenge, and a predictable line-up of contestants.

While Simon Cowell and co. have been doing their best to win back the audience and make the glorified karaoke contest ‘must watch TV’ again, one factor they seemed to have overlooked to pull in viewers is the contestants themselves.

After 11 winners, only a handful have gone on to post-show success. As of 2015, the only big names remaining are One Direction and Little Mix, sorry Leona. This year, among a few promising candidates, one stands out above the rest. About 7 inches higher in fact.

Seann Miley Moore (with two n’s) is bound to turn heads with his gender-bending fashion, usually seen mixing dresses and painfully high heels with leather jackets and fitted caps. However, unlike most of the annual colourful acts, Moore is not a simple joke act, he has seriously impressive vocals to boot.

Born in Australia but from British roots, the aspiring singer shut down the auditions with a soulful rendition of Queens The Show Must Go On to an eruption of applause. Next, at bootcamp Moore stole the group performance of Hotel California before his solo cover of Donny Hathaway’s A Song For You.

His latest audition to ensure a chair to the judges houses was a dramatic performance of Shirley Bassey’s I (Who Have Nothing), strutting the stage Moore sang directly to his competition, passionately reeling off vocal run after vocal run until all four judges were on their feet and his competition were visibly nervous in admiration.

With a ticket to Nick Grimshaw’s “house”, Moore is bound to earn a place in the live finals, at the top of the pack he’s one to watch, especially once he gets access to the shows illustrious wardrobe and production.

All four judges unabashedly gush over the performer at each stage of the competition while the crowd go crazy. Take a look at twitter and you’ll see both fans and contestants (both former and current) tweeting their support for the 24-year-old.

Identifying as ‘genderqueer’ the fan favourite singer is introducing many viewers to life outside of gender, another spectrum of living in the LGBT community. While most are used to experiencing gay and lesbian personalities on-screen, and now transgender thanks to Caitlyn Jenner, gender fluidity is rarely a hot topic but fingers crossed Moore will be our first big gender fluid pop star.

Take a look at the contestants social media and you’ll find a flurry of designer outfits, incredible covers and hilarious pop-culture references. Moore has the personality, the vocals and the creativity to be the next big thing to come from the talent show, whether he wins or not.

The singer noted: “When it comes to my look, I just want to feel as fabulous as possible. I want to look like Carrie Bradshaw.”

He added: “I think it’s great. In today’s world, we shouldn’t be labelling and polarising – are you gay, straight, man, woman? There’s a whole world in-between, let us be. I’ve got such amazing friends and family – we’re just doing our thing and just having fun, being ourselves without any labels. The only label should be the Versace on the back of your jacket! It’s fabulous, it’s the new normal.”

Are you team Seann Miley Moore?

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