Selena Gomez Releases ‘Revival’

While Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have spent the last couple of years making headlines for both their scandalous personal lives and burgeoning careers, Selena Gomez seemed to fade into the background.

Perhaps most known in recent years as on/off girlfriend of Justin Bieber and gal pal of Taylor Swift, the singer and actress is making a name for herself, coming for blood releasing her second album, which is already proving to be a hit-maker.

Her first work since leaving the Disney Machine and parting ways with longtime manager, the music is noticeably more mature. Truly a “Revival”, the tracks hit out against how she is perceived by the tabloids, in an attempt to change her public image and transition from child star to fully fledged pop singer.

The record boasts 11, 14 or 16 tracks dependant on which edition you purchase and, as a rare feat for pop albums, they’re all bops. When Gomez dropped the first single Good For You we were obsessed, and prayed the rest of the album would be as good. Same Old Love came shortly afterwards, proving the album wouldn’t be home to yet another one-hit-wonder from the songstress.

Me & The Rhythm was the last track chosen to tease the release, an uptempo dance track, the chorus is simple enough to get stuck in your head for hours and sing along to even after an obscene number of Mojitos.

The rest of the collection which was released October 9, fluctuates from sultry jams (also known as sex songs), smouldering R&B grooves, electro dance music synth beats to darker, soulful offerings. Though she chose to genre-hop and experiment, the work is immaculately cohesive, while being perfect for both the club and a night of ‘Netflix and chill’.

Compared to Disney co-stars turned superstars, Cyrus and Lovato, Gomez may not have the powerhouse vocals of a Christina but we all know what matters to selling records, and being played on the radio is having the fun of a Britney. Though we doubt she’ll be bagging any Grammy’s, the pop album is amongst the best pieces of work this year.

The star previous efforts has included Stars Dance, best known for mega bop Come And Get It, as well as a bizarre greatest hits album For You at the ripe age of 22. Before going solo Gomez fronted ‘Selena and the Scene’ which comprised of the singer with a revolving gang of band members.

Gomez is preparing for a big year during now and 2016, she has already announced her tour, she’s joining The Voice as a mentor, and has a number of films coming up including In Dubious Battle alongside James Franco and The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving with Brad Pitt.

Top tracks include Good For You, Hands To Myself, Body Heat, Camouflage and of course new single Same Old Love.

What do you think of Selena’s new album?

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