‘The Final Girls’ Review

Camp, kitschy and dragged by the critics: what more could you want in a film? Final Girls toes the line between homage and spoof of 80’s slashers.

Two parts Scream, two parts Scary Movie and one part Friday The 13th, the campy comedy is literally set at summer camp, with a machete wielding masked villain who wants to kill of over sexed councillors for the retribution of his younger self.

Sound familiar? Because it is, while not as intelligent as Scream or as over-the-top as Scary Movie the movie seems to fit right in the middle as it pokes fun at the horror genre with a plethora of both meta humour as well as straight up calling out slasher tropes, such as the slow motion scene.

The C-list cast are all on point, above all in this film, they make the dialogue work and bring reality into an utterly preposterous situation of events. Our weird crush Adam DeVine is great at his frat guy schtick, Thomas Middleditch brings the laughs with his quirky sensibilities and Angela Trimbur performs a particularly hilarious strip scene that’s worth replaying. 

Other well known faces in the cast include Nina Dobrev, Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Alia Shawkat, and Chloe Bridge, all from popular TV shows as well as The Hunger Games hunk Alexander Ludgwig, who all perform exceedingly well.

There is a surprising emotional layer to the film, protagonist Max, whose mother was a famed 80’s scream queen loses her mother in a car crash she survived. When a fire in a movie theatre bizarrely leads her into her mothers most famous film, “Camp Bloodbath” ,Max encounters her mother once more. The chance to spend some last moments with her mother as well as a failed attempt to see if saving her from the killer would have a ripple effect into ‘real life’ grounds the movie in a young girls family heart ache. Though the plan fails, the mother-daughter ass kicking scenes are a highlight, while Max witnessing her death is excruciating.

It is a movie that movie lovers can watch over and over, enjoying more on each viewing. Everything about the film is calculated to perfection, the film works on many levels from both an easy watching comedy and a love letter to horror fans, the film is not however, a great horror. The death scenes are cheesy, more gut-busting than gut-wrenching. One of our favourites is the final death, which is set to Bananarama’s Venus, sees one character dancing around in her bra waiting for the killer to strike.

Though some of the plot is controverted, and forced, and the horror underwhelming, the comedy will keep you laughing the way through and seeing Ludwig on-screen doesn’t hurt either.

Our verdict is: Fun and camp, perfect for popcorn and Halloween with friends. 7/10

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