Why You Should Be Watching MTV’s ‘Faking It’

As its second season draws to a close, with a third season already renewed you have to catch up on MTV’s most innovative show Faking It.

Hidden amongst a flurry of teen moms and catfish’s hides a gem of a comedy show that pushes boundaries while remaining both heartfelt and hilarious.

As a part of MTV’s newest scripted comedies, Faking It follows the surprisingly popular Awkward and gone too soon The Hard Times of RJ Burger.

The premise follows two friends, Amy and Karma, who through a convoluted series of events are outed as lesbians, though they are not, and keep up the charade to remain popular.

Things become more complicated as Amy begins to question her sexuality, and her attraction towards BFF Karma. The characters each have qualities that make you root for them, resident mean girl, Lauren, is revealed to be interest at the end of the second season.

With creative story lines, killer jokes and a fresh production the show is must-watch modern television at its finest that through its zaniness has a message about todays teenage society.

Though it is just a 22-minute comedy, each episode ends with a jaw dropping cliff hanger that completely changes the game over and over, making you want to binge through all the episodes you can handle.

Refreshingly through the gay, bi and lesbian characters on the show, their sexual preference is not what defines them and it is for each an honest and awkward exploration of sexuality and young love, as they navigate different types of people of different genders.

Central gay character Shane Harvey is a highlight of the series, confident and full of personality he is popular and outspoken. Always providing scathing one-liners and intelligent quips, the show allows the Shane to be a fully formed character and not just a token gay guy.

If that’s not enough for you having Gregg Sulkin on your screen, often half-naked, should be as boyfriend of Bella Thorne is our new favourite hottie. Even if his character is our least favourite.

The show has just three more episodes left of the second season, even though they’re leaked online, until we have to way for season three!

Have you been watching this cult show?

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