America’s Next Top Model To End After 22 Cycles

We’re devastated that our favourite reality competition, starring our favourite kooky host, Tyra Banks, has been cancelled after 12 years!

We barely remember a time before Tyra began sharing her model secrets with her protégées as well as viewers at home.

While there have been countless unforgettable moments from the show, from models fainting, being knocked from runways, disastrous haircuts and verbal smack downs from TyTy herself, we decided to count down the top ten tips Ms Banks and co gave us about giving face.

While we doubt we’ll be posing in photoshoots or strutting down the runway anytime soon, here’s the top tips in outshining your friends in a group pic.

10. Give good neck!

We all know about the no-neck monster. Ty has used this phrase for a few seasons, so make sure you elongate your entire body. No extra chins, make yourself look taller and make sure your body parts look their slimmest.


9. Hoe but made fashion!

Yes, we want to turn up at the club but we want to look bomb for the pics next day, how else will our followers know what a fun time we are? So get your pictures in before the shots.


8. Make sure it’s not a video!

We’ve all seen from the commercial episodes that most models shouldn’t open their mouths, these have been the undoing of many a wannabe model. So beware of the club video or Snapchat story, these tricks don’t know our angles. Pull your face, suck in your gut and get the snap.

7. Ty-over!

Even Tyra makes mistakes, and last season giving a beard weave was one of them. This gave us the Ty-over, kinda like a do-over but more fierce. So make sure you get a few back up pics in case you’re blinking or not at the right angle.


6. Get your boom to a boom boom boom!

With 20 seasons under her belt, who can blame Tyra for a few weak phrases, but this taught us to always be aware of our fitness. The boom boom boom is your stomach, flat and toned you have a boom boom boom, not you could have a boom. So do your crunches!


5. There is no photo!

We’ve all seen Tyra get behind the camera to take pics of the hopefuls, theres a lesson in this, while we won’t be taking the pictures, make sure its your camera they’re captured on. That way you can edit yourself, choose the ones you look best in or if it’s that bad pull an infamous Tyra. “There is no photo, because you don’t deserve a photo.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 23.41.10

4. Booch and Tooch!

Alway excentuate your body parts. Booch your booty, and touch your tummy. While theres a host of other ‘ouches’ . These are the main two, how else can you fake have an amazing bod?


3. Find your light!

Good lighting is EVERYTHING! Good lighting can make you look like Tyra, while bad lighting could have you end up looking like Miss J before hair and make up. That’s a no-no. If the lightings not too great always slap on a black and white filter. Everyone looks better in black and white.


2. H2T! Make sure you’re modelling head to toe!

It doesn’t matter if your face game is strong if your gut is out or you have Grey Goose spilled on your jeans. Know your body head to toe! Is your hair a mess today? Did you vomit on your shoes? Do your arms look buff? Don’t take a photo and see something easily avoidable like a misplaced finger that looks like your member.


1. Smize!

What else would make the number one spot? Even those who don’t watch the show know this phrase, repeated every season we all know now how to perfect the killer smize. It even gives us the excuse for a perfect pout, we’re smiling through our eyes.


Now go forth and steal the limelight in all of your future group pics and selfies! Do not let Tyras 22 seasons go in vain.


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