Scream! For Lucien Laviscount’s Nudes!

Lucien Laviscount, can we just take a moment to appreciate that flawless name, was left red-faced after an online tug sesh left his member exposed to the world.

The British actor, most recently portraying Earl Grey (hilariously on-the-nose pun given he’s English heritage) on our favourite new show Scream Queens has previously whipped his clothes of for gay magazine GT, but wasn’t quite expecting to expose this much.

It is unknown how, when, or who leaked the screenshots from a steamy Skype session, but the photos were first made public by “Celeb Busted” a site that has brought us many notable male celebrities nudes.

The actor has portrayed a number of roles on UK television such as Waterloo Road and Skins, as well as featuring as a housemate in Celebrity Big Brother before making his big break in the states on Ryan Murphy’s hit show.

The hottie also tried his hand at a music career sign with SK Records and releasing a debut singleĀ Dance With You until it failed to chart.


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