Marco Marco Debuts SS16 Collection

Marco Marco has become one of LA’s most popular designers in recent years with his gender-bending clothing collection.

With celebrity fans including Katy Perry, Shakira, Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj, the debut of new lines from the gay designer is always a must see.

The designer is known for using notable gay figures, trans models and drag queens to model his collections, turning his runway shows into a vibrant, exciting event to see queens stomp the catwalk in a way only they can.

While many designers have began creating gender fluid clothing, Marco Marco has been doing so since the beginning of his career, placing LGBT members at the forefront of his vision.

Complete with upbeat music, samples of drag queens on the tracks, including Paris Is Burning and remixes of high-octane dance music, the models prance and twerk down the runway swirling and sashaying for their life.

Marco Marco is known for his day-glo spandex, form-fitting underwear and leather dresses, the sexed up collection exudes a uniquely psychedelic, pop art aesthetic.

World of Wonder has followed the lead up to the designers latest collection debut over the past few weeks and have finally posted the theatrical outcome, and it is magnificent.

Our models for the evening included Brendan Jordan, Raja, Detox Icunt, Sharon Needles, Vicky Vox, Misty Violet, Yara Sofia, April Carrion, Mathu Anderson, Shangela, Rhia Litre, and of course backrolls herself Alyssa Edwards, among many others.

Will you be making a purchase from Marco Marco’s latest collection?

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