Watch Now: Drake Premieres Hotline Bling Music Video

Hip-Hop and rap star Drake only released the music video to his latest single Hotline Bling yesterday but it has already made its way around the web. 

The track which was released a few months ago has already charted number 3 in the UK and 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, but Drake is hoping the accompanying video will help him achieve his first number one.

The clip that was uploaded by Apple Music became popular due to the Canadians unusual dancing styles throughout, a mix of the Cha-Cha, and shuffling with bhangra elements.

His awkward dance moves have already spawned a plethora of hilarious memes, vines and gifs that have sent the video viral.

Though some online haters have poked fun at the previous Degrassi stars moves, we love the rappers joyous, impromptu freestyle, proving when you’re that attractive you really can do anything.

As with his previous outings, he doesn’t spare with the angsty lip-syncing to camera with various hand gestures while being accompanied by a number of scantily clad females.

Created by Director X, the video is extremely sleek showing monochromatic, futuristic rooms and staircases leading nowhere, all with changing mood lighting.

We’re unsure what the thought process was behind the choreography, whether the Young Money artist was poking fun at his dorky reputation, or if he was attempting to recreate another dance phenomenon in the vein of Gangnam Style and Thriller. We are certain however that you’ll be seeing a lot of this new style in the club.

What did you think of the stars latest video?

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