Amy Schumer: Live From The Apollo

2015 has been the year of Amy Schumer, and her HBO stand-up special displays the best of why she has taken the world by storm.

The hour-long show Live From The Apollo is her second televised event following Mostly Sex Stuff in 2012, and boasts Chris Rock as director.

The comedienne has been making the rounds on the comedy scene since 2004, as well as competing in Last Comic Standing, roasting celebrities on Comedy Central and making guest appearances on shows like Girls, and 30 Rock.

This year she wrote and starred in her first feature film Trainwreck, which gained critical and commercial success, won an Emmy for her self-titled show Inside Amy Schumer and hosted the MTV Movie Awards.

Along with her new-found success, she found herself making the rounds on the talk show circuit, gracing magazines such as her infamous Star Wars themed GQ spread, and hosting Saturday Night Live.

The stand-up content featured some of her funniest stories from the previous year; losing weight for her movie role, her court side experience, and her enjoyment of cat-calling. Some were lifted directly from interviews while others had been reworked, and extended for the special.

Her newer material was just as good, the star poked fun at her new Hollywood fame, the inequality of men and women in life and the entertainment industry (the Kevin James segment was hilarious), and of course a whole host of new sex stories.

Her final anecdote, which caused controversy as it drew parallels to late comedian Patrice O’Neal, was one of her best thus far, ending the show on a big laugh as she always does.

Her recent increase in notoriety, and the expectations put upon her from her shows intelligent observations of society has seen the comedienne’s newer material become much more PC. When reviewing her old jokes, it is clear she’s ditched the race jokes, and the white girl persona, and is instead choosing to display much more of herself.

Schumer has clearly perfected her craft over the past decade to come out swinging this year with hit after hit, and as she has carved out a niche for herself in the comedy world, we’re sure she’ll be onto her next soon.

2016 is also looking bright of the 34-year-old as she has found herself living in Jake Gyllenhaal’s home, writing a new movie with bestie Jennifer Lawrence, and recently upping her movie fee 1000% to $4 million.

What do you think of Amy Schumer?

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