Laverne Cox To Star In Rocky Horror Remake

Laverne Cox has revealed late last night (October, 21) that she has signed on to play Dr Frank-N-Furter in a reboot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The emmy-nominated actress has made waves in Hollywood by becoming a spokesperson for trans issues, and a role model to the LGBT community after starring in Netflix’s smash show Orange Is The New Black.

Rumours of a Rocky Horror remake have been around for a while, but this is the closest we’ve gotten to a product thus far.

Fox have acquired the rights to create the two-hour special that is reportedly an updated version of the 1973 stage show, that was quickly reworked into a cult classic movie two years later.

High School Musical’s Kenny Ortega will provide choreography to the film, while Lou Adler and Gail Berman have signed on as executive producers.

As the movie is in early stages of production no release date has yet been given, however speculation points to Autumn 2016.

So far the overall reception to the news is annoyance by dedicated fans calling out Hollywood for its ‘lack of originality’, however others are excited to see popular Cox take on the role. We’re quietly hopeful, and know Cox will be everything.

What are your thoughts on Laverne Cox playing the iconic sexually ambiguous alien?

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