The Best New Emojis For All Your Gay Needs

We’re never usually excited for new updates on the iPhone but when you communicate entirely in emojis, this ones a biggie.

Apple has released iOS 9.1 with fixes for bugs and improved whatever, but the most important feature is of course the new emojis, last time we were treated to a whole selection of gay-friendly emojis, and skin tone selections.

While there are no new official gay emojis, with a little creativity there’s plenty of material to express ourselves. We turned an eggplant into a penis for Christs sakes.

Take a look through our favourite new emojis, and their new meanings!

We’ve got ideas for the next batch:

  • The rainbow flag
  • A drag queen doing a death drop
  • The Village People
  • An actual dick (what easier way to ask for a dick pic)
  • A bear, otter, and wolf
  • A bottle of Veet
  • S&M toys
  • Pills and straight vodka
  • A Britney Spears CD

Get in touch Apple.

What’s your favourite new emoji?

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