Top 10: Bops Of The Week

It’s Friday 23, October which means it’s time to pick 10 tracks from the week we’re loving.

1. Hello – Adele

Clearly we’re dying about this diva storming back on the scene. We already posted our excitement when she premiered the track during The X Factor. Her latest offering fits well within her previous work 21, and 19. This time around she does a lot more apologising to her previous beau. The lyrics are beautiful and the vocals are better than ever.

2. Sorry – Justin Bieber

The Biebs has somehow gone from bein universally hated to being universally tolerated. The singer has won over the masses with this latest album that has an upbeat, more mature feeling, and he hasn’t even released it yet. Sorry is another in a stream of great floor. Filler songs he has released during the latter end of 2015.

3. Looking Up – Elton John

So we might not be bopping to this one in the club but Elton John makes our list for being one of the biggest gay names in music. Ahead of his new album, this is our first look at John’s new music. The track sounds more country than the icons previous work but still has that feel good quality he is known for.

4. Dancing On Glass – St. Lucia

Say what you want about music streaming, but we’re a fan. Sites like Spotify help us stumble upon lesser know artists we wouldn’t have found otherwise. St. Lucia is the stage name for South African born Jean-Philip Gobler whose indie-electro-synthpop is the perfect soundtrack to our weekend.

5. All My Friends – Snakehips, Tinashe, Chance The Rapper

We’re all about the collabs this year, and All My Friends is a chilled tune for the trip home from the club/ the after-party. With a cool beat, and a pop loop chorus, the song is an easy listening track that shows the best from Tinashe, and Chance. A great  single by the British duo, Snakehips.

6. Play It On My Radio – Niki & The Dove

The first cut from Swedish indietronica duo’s sophomore album is a relaxed anthem. The 80’s vibes are a change in direction for Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf, in a slower and more simplified record.

7. Vivienne – Sundara Karma

The Reading-based indie band are just bubbling under the surface of hitting the big time. Vivienne is a stylish, and infectious track that combines depth with shallowness. The band are embarking on a huge UK tour so get your tickets now before the blow up.

8. Chains – Usher, Nas, Bibi Bourelly

Not the Nick Jonas song that was rudely underrated, Chains leads yet another collaboration between Hip-Hop’s greats. A cool chorus by Usher, where has he been? Nas spits a great rap in the middle, and Bibi brings some great back-up vocals that adds depth to the track. The song is both fun to listen to while speaking on black issues.

9. Jean – Clean Cut Kid

Another slowed down track from another UK band for the list. Jean is a love song, sweet and simple that elevates into an upbeat joyous thumper of a song. Though they have little over 1000 followers on Twitter, the quartet is expertly great at their craft. We definitely recommend listening to their back collection.

10.  Dancing In The Dark – Hot Chip

We love Hot Chip, their music is always something fresh and innovative. The London band have regularly performed covers at their shows, but now have released a studio album of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark. The track sounds completely different as they’ve reworked it in their own electro-synth sound.

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