Olympian Gus Kenworthy Comes Out As Gay

Gus Kentworthy is a prolific figure in the sporting world, five-time free skiing champ, and silver medalist at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

With product endorsement, magazine covers, and being the fact of X Games, the 24-year-old had a lot to lose, but risked it anyway to tell them world yes, he is a gay man.

The shocking statement has brought the sports figure into the mainstream, with plenty heralding him for his openness and helping bridge the way between the LGBT community and the sports world.

Friend Miley Cyrus posted a kind message to her Instagram in response to the news, welcoming him into the gay community.

We’ll definitely be tuning into the next Winter Olympics to root for this hunk, he’ll also be getting a few new followers on his social media.

Kenworthy stated he knew he was gay from age 5, but only began coming out to his friends and family two years ago. Wanting to come out as the best free skier in the world, the athlete bided his time for when he was ready. We’re glad he finally feels comfortable enough to live his authentic self.

Taking to Facebook the skier posted a heartfelt essay:

“I am gay.

Wow, it feels good to write those words. For most of my life, I’ve been afraid to embrace that truth about myself. Recently though, I’ve gotten to the point where the pain of holding onto the lie is greater than the fear of letting go, and I’m very proud to finally be letting my guard down.

My sexuality has been something I’ve struggled to come to terms with. I’ve known I was gay since I was a kid but growing up in a town of 2,000 people, a class of 48 kids and then turning pro as an athlete when I was 16, it just wasn’t something I wanted to accept. I pushed my feelings away in the hopes that it was a passing phase but the thought of being found out kept me up at night. I constantly felt anxious, depressed and even suicidal.

Looking back, it’s crazy to see how far I’ve come. For so much of my life I’ve dreaded the day that people would find out I was gay. Now, I couldn’t be more excited to tell you all the truth. Maybe you’ve suspected that truth about me all along, or maybe it comes as a complete shock to you. Either way, it’s important for me to be open and honest with you all. Y’all have supported me through a lot of my highs and lows and I hope you’ll stay by my side as I make this transformation into the genuine me – the me that I’ve always really been.

I am so thankful to ESPN for giving me this opportunity and to Alyssa Roenigk for telling my story to the world. I think about the pain I put myself through by closeting myself for so much of my life and it breaks my heart. If only I knew then what I know now: that the people who love you, who really care about you, will be by your side no matter what; and, that those who aren’t accepting of you are not the people you want or need in your life anyway.

Part of the reason that I had such a difficult time as a kid was that I didn’t know anyone in my position and didn’t have someone to look up to, who’s footsteps I could follow in. I hope to be that person for a younger generation, to model honesty and transparency and to show people that there’s nothing cooler than being yourself and embracing the things that make you unique.”

To read more about Kentworthy head over to ESPN where they have written a fantastic article about the figure. And to see semi nude pictures of him head over to his Instagram.

What do you think of Gus Kentworthy being out in the sports world?

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