In The Glass Closet: Colton Haynes

This next glass closet member has been a long time coming. Colton Haynes, star of Teen Wolf, Arrow and all of our sexual dreams is 100% mo.

Though he has yet to come out publicly, he is quite clearly out in his personal life. The hunk first caught our attention as the chiseled cheek boned jock in Teen Wolf but It wasn’t until photographs of the star in his now infamous XY shoot appeared online, rumours of his sexuality began to swirl.


Gay-themed shoots aren’t anything wild in Hollywood, heck even Channing Tatum starred in a few, however, the question mark grew larger once several blogs posting copies of the shoot began getting notices from Haynes’ lawyer. Bryan J. Freedman, an attorney claiming to represent the actor threatened legal action if the parties did not remove the “private, obscene, lewd and pornographic photographs” of Haynes kissing another man. It is confusing as to how the pictures are private, once they have already been published in the March 2006 issue of the gay magazine.

DoorQ posted an apparent copy of the letter which read: “I am contacting you regarding [’s]…postings of multiple private, obscene, lewd and pornographic photographs of my client, privately taken…depicting my client… partially or possibly completely nude, engaging in or simulating sexual conduct, in most instances with other individuals. The photographs depict my client partially or possibly fully nude in a Jacuzzi engaging in sexual content with another individual. the Site’s publication of what are clearly private photographs depicting sexual conduct, violate Haynes’ right to privacy…. Your public disclosure of these private photographs violate Hayne’s privacy rights as such conduct qualifies as a (1) public disclosure (2) of a private fact (3) which would be of offensive and objectionable to the reasonable person. While we can only speculate as to where you received these private photographs from, rest assured that you posted them without Haynes’ consent or knowledge…”

Shortly after these initial pictures and the controversy attached, further snaps of the star and his rumoured ex-boyfriend, Jerreth Ludwig II, hit the net. These candid photographs were personal pictures, not from a photoshoot that caused plenty of forums to question further the nature of Haynes sexuality. These pictures allegedly were taken from 2006 to 2010 between ages 17 and 22.

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Take a look at the stars Twitter and you will find he follows a whole host of out actors including Chris Colfer, Matt Bomer, Ricky Martin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. His Instagram account also follows a large amount of attractive, and often gay men. While this is not exactly asserted proof, it’s one small piece to the overall puzzle of Haynes sexuality.

He is a huge fan of using social media, you’ll often find him tweeting witty, sarcastic, and at times bitchy quips daily. Sounding suspiciously like a certain community of Tweeters. He is also very vocal about his love for typically gay culture; Adele, Gaga, American Horror Story, The Goldbergs, Taylor Swift etc.

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If you follow him on Insta, you’ll see he loves to drag up for Halloween and go all out! Last year he appeared as a hilarious Princess Fiona, while this year he opted for the understated Ursela! He has also in the past donned Elsa, an old lady, and Prince Bubblegum attire for fancy dress events. As well as a few offensive ones we won’t mention.

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The hottie is an avid gay rights activist, and has an older brother who is married with a child that he often spends time with. Much of his close friendship groups consist of gay men, some of which he has been supposedly linked to. Shawn Pyfrom, Will Poulter, Zachary Quinto, and Chace Crawford, have each had their own gay rumours (Quinto’s being confirmed) and have been spotted out and about with Haynes.

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The minor celeb has also been romantically linked to women, but both of his apparent relationships were once again not confirmed, and were shared with his current co-stars. First was Hollen Reed, the pair often joked about their ‘hot romance’ rather than confirming or denying, the pair are still good friends and have always stuck as a GBF-type deal. More recently was his next co-star from Arrow, Emily Bett Rickards, the pair have been seen on vaycay together and often shower one another in kisses and sweet messages. Again, it seems like a bestie manoeuvre than partners.

Haynes surprised everyone when he posted a cover of himself singing You Raise Me Up on his social media, this may be the reason he was spotted hanging out at popular gay karaoke bar Marie’s Crisis.

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The star can always be seen accompanied by a gaggle of gal pals, including tennis star Serena Williams, and is often spotted wearing eye-catching fashion.

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In a regular #TBT Haynes revealed he was once jumped by a group of men in the UK’s Liverpool. Notorious for it’s heteronormative ‘chav’ men, this may have been the result of a gay bashing.

When questioned about rumours surrounding him, the 27-year-old did not go into specifics but stated: “I don’t really pay attention to the rumors cause at the end of the day, that’s exactly what they are” Haynes says in an interview without specifying which rumors he’s talking about. “Anyone can go online and write anything they want about people they don’t even know and most of the time, that is fueled by hate. The sad part is that people actually believe what they read online. A lot of people are more interested in wondering if Beyonce is pregnant or who Taylor Swift is dating instead of recognizing them for their hard work and talent. It sucks. Work is work and what I’ve done thus far has gotten me to where I am today and I’m thankful for that.”

(Note: In defence of speculation of his sexuality, he refers to Beyonce and Taylor Swift)

We respect Haynes’ privacy, and do not expect him to come out publicly if he does not choose to. The Glass Closet series relies mostly on speculation, and research. Whatever he may, or may not be, we’re still fans of this gay-activist.


5 thoughts on “In The Glass Closet: Colton Haynes

  1. Great article! I remember seeing those pictures of him with kissing a model for a magazine shoot, but I didn’t realise there was more to it than that… My gaydar is completely broken though!


    1. Thank you! I’ve been keeping up with him for years as a fan and there have been so many red flags, I just thought i’d put as many as I could remember in one article. I know there have been more but do not have the time or patience to read through his thousands of tweets!

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