Re-Uploaded! In The Glass Closet: The Apprentice’s Sam Curry

Re-uploaded: As some of you may know we posted an article about Sam Curry on October, 21. As a relatively new site this post became our all time most popular with over 300 views in 4 days. After encountering a bug with the site, we have had to re-upload the article in a new page. We’re not just recycling our old posts!

We’re a few weeks in to The Apprentice now, and one particular candidate has peaked our interest.

Samuel Curry, 23, works as a private tutor after studying at Cambridge prior to joining this years series, now his Instagram feed boasts sunny snaps, and lavish nights out with friends.

Describing himself as “an interesting mix between happy-go-lucky and adventurous, and then quite logical and sensible. It’s a strange combination”, Curry had us hooked and so far we’ve seen this hopeful speaking French, and showering topless for an advert.

Take a look around this hotties Insta and you’ll see him parting in gay bars with topless men, hashtagging Beyoncé lyrics, and overusing the red dancer emoji.

Like any good gay, Curry snapped a pic of himself enjoying Lilo in Speed In The Plough, while simultaneously shading her “I wonder if she’s learned her lines yet”.

The apprentice candidate also cheekily shared a Tom Bianchi photograph of a man in his underwear from his Fire Island Pines collection. Bianchi photographs erotic images of gay men nude, and usually showing affection to one another.

Researching/ stalking his twitter you’ll find he follows Attitude magazine, Ian McKellen, gay GBBO contestant Tamal Ray, Taylor Swift and last years Apprentice hunk Solomon Akthar. He also retweeted a message from Sanjay Good-Smith, last years gay apprentice contestant, who sounded quite fond of this years star.

The aspiring actor and business man is clearly out in his personal life, but much like previous contestants, there is little reason for his sexuality to be discussed on the show.

Curry is quite active on his social media posting topless selfies, topless selfies with his pug, topless selfies drinking coffee, and topless selfies on his holidays. Just a few reasons you should be following him.

Take a look at his audition below! Are you rooting for Sam Curry to win The Apprentice?

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