Reese Witherspoon: Top 10 Movies

With news that Cruel Intentions is coming to the small screen in yet another sequel, we have decided to count down Reese Witherspoon’s top 10 films.

Sifting through her back catalogue of movies, we’ve found that we can really watch Witherspoon in anything. We would literally watch her paint her toe nails and scream “werk bitch” throughout, but regardless we tried our hardest to narrow it down anyway:

10. This Means War

Sure, this may not have received the greatest of reviews, but any film where Tom Hardy and Chris Pine are fighting over us with Chelsea handler as our gal pal, we’re down! The film tried to be a lot of things, romcom, action, buddy comedy. But we rather liked it as a bit of a mess. All three main stars performed well, and we did get some genuine laughs so we decided to include it in our list.

9. Fear

Starring along Mark Wahlberg, this one was a sleeper hit that developed a cult status. A film that launched the profiles of its two stars, who were dating at the time. Sexy, and scary this intimate horror goes from ogling Wahlberg to fearing him. Witherspoon shows here she’s not just the pretty blonde girl, hitting the scene as a grade A actress.

8. Sweet Home Alabama

Reece went through a stream of Romcom’s for a period of her movie career, but this may be the one she is related to most often. Playing an up-and-coming fashion designer and socialite called Melanie Carmichael, we’re already onboard. But much like This Means War, the blond finds herself caught between McDreamy and farm boy Josh Lucas. The film is filled with adorable moments definitely worth a Netflix and chill.

7. The Man In The Moon

Her first movie! We love seeing young Witherspoon, who looks like a clone of her daughter, on-screen. A coming of age drama, Witherspoon really comes out the gate swinging, showing she has what it takes to have longevity, which she later proved.

6. Wild

Serious actress’ love uglying up for a role, and this was Witherspoons choice. You can tell she worked hard for this movie, and it paid off when she was given an Oscar nod. Her second well deserved recognition. Based on a true story of a woman who went for a walk after her hubby divorced her, and her mom died.

5. Walk The Line

The number one reason we loved this film: Brunette Reese Witherspoon. The second reason: This was Witherspoon’s Oscar-winning role, playing June Carter. She stole every scene she was in, and who knew girl could sing! The film clearly follows Johnny Cash’s life, and while Joaquin Phoenix was amazing, we still could have had more Reese.

4. Pleasantville

Such an underrated gem, Pleasantville is a unique film that collides The Truman Show with I Love Lucy. Everything’s uber-gay the clothes, the decor, the dialogue, the guys, it’s as though our soul was taken and put into a movie. Witherspoon does great in the bad girl role, a welcome change for the actress and also gets to mac on with the late Paul Walker, while he is at the apex of his hotness. A must see, and then rewatch.

3. Cruel Intentions

Sexy, deceitful, and evil. This movie is perhaps one of the greatest teen movies of all time featuring underage sex, drug use, and a saliva-heavy lesbian kiss. A great one for the gays we get Joshua Jackson as frosted tipped gay friend of Sebastian, and a Ryan Phillipe ass shot, thank the lord. Katherine Mertuil has provided us with goals since SMG took the role, and Witherspoons incarnation of Annette may have been one of the reasons she became America’s sweetheart. The sequels, while terrible, star Amy Adams, and Kerr Smith in the first and second respectively so watch at your own risk.

2. Legally Blonde

Is there a role Witherspoon is identified with more than this? Elle Woods taught us many valuable lessons, namely the bend and snap, and not to trust people with perms. The movie is a gay classic, that you shouldn’t miss, and has grounded Witherspoon as a gay favourite, spawning a watchable sequel and an amazing live musical. We’ll pretend number three, Legally Blondes, isn’t a thing though.

1. Election

We. Love. This. Movie. This film is on our top 10 films of all time. Witherspoon here showed her versatility all within one character, ranging for serious, to hilarious, sexy, to devout. Tracy Flick may be one of the most interesting movie characters we’ve seen, especially from the 16 year-old girl range. A dark comedy that is intelligently written, perfectly acted, and expertly directed, the flick has seen universal acclaim. Glee along with Rachel Berry, and several other elements of the show were practically based on it.

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