Top 10: Halloween Costumes! (That aren’t slutty)

If you haven’t gotten your Halloween costume yet then no need to worry! We’ve got you covered with these ten topical, and relatively easy choices that are only good to use this year!

All of our ideas are gained from pop culture this year that isn’t so obvious everyone will pick it, but isn’t too obscure that you’ll gain confused looks all night! Just to be clear in our title, we’re not against slutty Halloween costumes by law of Mean Girls, we’re planning on giving you those in our next Top 10!

 1. The Chanels (Scream Queens)

Get your earmuffs at the ready. Grab a couple of friends and fight over your favourite Chanel. You can wear anything really, as long as its extravagant. If there’s too many of you, we’re sure someone won’t mind donning a neck brace to be Hester. “Attack my crack”


2. Titus Andromedon (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)

No we’re not talking about a tragic blackface fiasco, but this hilarious gay character has served us looks throughout the entire run of the hilarious Netflix show. Baby Slut, Werewolf, Iron Man, Kimono, Cowboy, all of these are so much more amazing when you’re channelling Titus in them. Don’t forget your hit song Pinot Noir, as well as his variety of catchphrases.


3. The Joker

We’re on about the Jared Leto version, the film isn’t even out yet so you’re even ahead of the ball. Don’t forget your TBT next year when everyone is slipping into their latest Joker outfit. Green hair, crazed make-up, a velvet purple glove, and unique tattoos. What could be funner? Plus your drunk AF antics are all a part of the character.


4. Brendan Jordan

New to the gay-scene, this young little thing has made a big splash! Get your 9 inch heels, latex outfit and quaffed hair, maybe even an American Apparel clutch and perform that Gaga-inspired dance all night long. For further references check out the teens YouTube channel, trust us there’s plenty of material to work off!


5. Violet Chachki

We couldn’t create this list without including Drag Race season 7 champ, Miss Chachki. Lingerie, an oxygen tank, and a tight waist trainer. No you won’t get that 18-inch waist, but with use of padding and a good corset, you can create this extreme hourglass illusion. The queen has so many looks to choose from so you’ll be amiss to go wrong.


6. Adele

She’s back. Pay homage. All you’ll need for this costume is three things, a sickening blow-out, a dramatic fur coat, and a flip phone. This choice is more about the look than anything else, get it wrong and you’ll just be a loser with an old phone. At least you’ll be warm though. Memorise her interviews and nail your cockney accent for maximum results.


7. The Countess (American Horror Story: Hotel)

Any character from this latest seasons a winner Hypodermic Sally, Joan Collins, Devil-dick if you’re daring. AHS is always a deep well for Halloween-inspired outfits, and this year is no different. A bedazzled glove, a gallon of fake blood and a sleek outfit is all you need for this particular choice.


8. Poot Lovato

This fad has taken the internet by storm. One unflattering photo of Demi Lovato has sparked a flurry of hilarious memes complete with back story, fictitious stories, and personality traits of its own, this costume is right on the peak of its popularity right now. Lets hope there’s no talking dogs, or tampon eating until after Halloween to take its crown!


9. Maura Ellis and Jane Jones (Sisters)

Got a bestie you’re going to a Halloween party with? You can’t go wrong with this epic duo from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Once again, the film has yet to be released, but the characters are so broad and hilarious we can’t wait until next year to pull it off. Dibs on Tina’s character.


10. Rainbow Flag

After a great year in 2015 which saw gay marriage legalised, what better to as then your communities flag. This Miley Cyrus one is darling! Think of the accessories you could match with it! Glowstick necklaces, shag bands. Celebrate your pride for everyone to see!


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