‘Boomerang’ Review

Instagram lovers may have noticed a sponsored App ad on their timelines recently. Boomerang is Instagrams own gif-making platform that allows users to capture short gifs and upload them directly to their social networking site.

‘Not a photo, not a video, not a gif’ the site brags as though they’re bringing you something revolutionary. Although let’s face it, it’s a gif.

The one-second video loops forwards then backwards bringing a “living photo” experience, though it seems long away from the real living photo’s from Harry Potter.

Many gif making apps like this have appeared before, with Apple introducing their own Live Photos, but Boomerang is sleek and simple to use. Press the shutter button and five frames are captured that in turn play in one-second loops.

The icon looks very simplistic so your phones homepage will look sleek, which is a bonus.

While this app is nothing particularly new we’re sure it’ll be hot for the month, then discarded. So you may aswell give it a go. It’s free, there’s no sign in, just don’t clog up our feeds with a million boring moments.

Boomerang is available now on Android and iOS.

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