Julie And Brandy: In Your Box Office

Stop what you’re doing and read this article or you may miss a gem of a YouTube series.

If you’ve seen The People’s Couch you may be aware of two snarky best friends who regularly appear with hysterical comments on the latest shows.

Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard are writing partners, known for their work writing for Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. Goldman also appeared on The Big Gay Sketch Show, which aired on Logo.

This series Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office, is a web series that first aired on lesbian website Autostraddle before hitting YouTube, that sees the pair hilariously provide reviews for the latest movies, as well as parodying certain elements.

Their comments are usually quite harsh, as you would have guessed writing for Rivers, but are none-the-less completely side-splitting, with their witty observations relatable, and usually on point.

The series was only short-lived, with two seasons and only twenty videos, so we’re sure you’ll burn through them within the evening. The last of the videos was released over two years ago, so don’t get too attached because a reunion does not seem likely any time soon! With guest-appearances on Hey Queen!, we’re hoping to see a lot more of this pair on our television aside from their Bravo ensemble show!

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