Who Is Pablo Hernandez?

Those of you who still keep up to date with the going ons of Drag Race alums may have heard of this hunk, but if not you’re in for a treat.

The “actor/model” boasts 413 thousand Instagram followers as well as 61 thousand on Twitter, and there’s no mystery why as his shirtless selfies are a daily must.

Though he had fans before, Hernandez recently shot into the spotlight after releasing his debut single “Bitch I’m A Bottom” featuring Drag Race fan favourite and Miss Congeniality Manila Luzon. The parody of Madonna’s latest single “Bitch I’m Madonna” has gone on to amass over 300,000 views on YouTube and has seen Hernandez perform the song at a number of gay clubs around LA.

The auto-tune heavy song was released alongside a steamy music video that shows the hunk dancing in his underwear and simulating sex acts, all while bragging about his sex-life.

If you’re looking for more sexy content on his page you’ll be amiss as his previous videos are ultimately quite boring, but with his star on the rise and his scantily-clad Insta selfies we’re sure new content is soon to come.


In the same vein as Kim K and Paris Hilton, Hernandez’s claim to fame is being “famous for being famous”, he is attractive and driven to be a celeb so he’s trying anything to see what will stick. As you can tell by the track, he is not a trained singer, or in most parts a very good one.

Also, with features in several YouTubers videos, the ‘actor’ seems to use the term loosely, not providing anything substantial to the shorts. Luckily, the wannabe caught the eye of Andrew Christian who signed him up to model for his underwear range, a talent the star actually has.

This hunger for fame saw Hernandez partake in reality show Studlebrity where much followed hot guys from the web partook in a special to detail their day-to-day life and rise to prominence. Part of his episode revolved around on-off boyfriend with fellow underwear model Murray Swanby.

Google ‘Pablo Hernandez’ and you’ll find a British footballer, but google ‘Pablo Hernandez gay’ and you’ll find a goldmine of videos. The beefcake has a number of videos of himself masturbating, partaking in anal sex, and mostly just showing off the bottom he is so proud of, all of which he has recently declined to discuss. The clips aren’t anything amazing, but after his endless teasing on his social media, its nice to see what he’s working with.

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