Ranking Lady Gaga’s Albums

It’s been a year since ARTPOP with no new music in sight as Lady Gaga is giving acting a dedicated shot so we’ve decided to fill the gap by counting down the stars albums, ranking in order of worst to best.

5. Cheek To Cheek

For her latest album Gaga teamed up with her long-time idol Tony Bennett. A self-confessed jazz geek, the singer first teamed with legend Tony Bennett on his album Duets II where they sang a rendition of The Lady Is A Tramp. Gushing over one another in interview the pair clearly adored one another, and enjoyed working together so decided to create a feature-length addition. The joint album of covers was a smash with critics, showcasing another side to the pop princess and hitting number one on the Billboard charts. While we love seeing Gags achieving her dreams this is still our least favourite outing.

Highlights: Bang Bang, I Can’t Give You Anything but Love


4. Born This Way

Remember when Gags released this album cover and we all legitimately thought it was a joke? When we finally got a chance to listen to the album it actually made sense with the aesthetic though. Selling for 99 cents on Amazon as part of their marketing strategy the singer managed to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard chart with 1,108,000 copies sold in its first week alone. This was the follow up to her career on top, everyone waited in anticipation as to what she would do to top herself after years of winning awards, debuting newsworthy outfits and artistic music videos and performances. She was being hailed as the queen of pop, and next Madonna. The result became a decent album being lambasted for failing to achieve sky high expectations.

Highlights: Scheiße, Government Hooker, Bad Kids, Heavy Metal Lover, You And I


3. The Fame

When Gaga hit the scene in 2008 the pop industry was changed for good. The star brought eccentric fashion to the forefront of society, raised the bar for theatrical performances and re-introduced the dance music craze on millennials. Hit after hit, many still beg “bring back Fame-era gaga!” With her cool kid music Gaga really had to work to realise her creativity; iPod glasses, a disco stick, Warhol-referenced interludes and a constant plethora of swimsuits. She made headlines with her kookiness before it ever became craziness. Her cheaply made expensive looking aesthetic captivated the world as well as her plateful bops.

Highlights: Poker Face, Paparazzi, Boys Boys Boys, LoveGame


Perhaps a controversial choice after it was swiftly nicknamed ‘ARTFLOP’, this record was criminally underrated due to a lack of promotional direction. The album itself was a flurry of pop hits mixed with experimental tracks, ironically half art, half pop, failing to amalgamate the two cohesively. Perhaps some of her best music was never fairly heard as it lacked simple radio-friendly songs combined with a Gaga-fatigue. Potential hit Do What You Want was squandered after an R Kelly scandal (shocker!) which began the start of the end for this era, next Gaga couldn’t quite decide what single to release ignoring obvious choices for months before releasing a trio at once. She then left the project completely releasing a lengthy statement about being ‘betrayed’ and ‘mismanaged’ by her team. We’re still mourning what could have been.

Highlights: Sexxx Dreams, MANiCURE, Donatella, Gypsy, Venus


1. The Fame Monster

Was there ever a question as to number one? This is vintage Gaga. She finally made bank so better executed her limitless imagination and creativity upon the world before she ever was complained as having “gone too far”. As well as her cultural presence the hit-maker debut the very best of her song-writing presenting one flawless track after another, she even got a collab with Queen Bey. Her Monster Ball was a theatrical masterpiece and she was the golden child of the music world with peers racing to keep up and fans bowing at her feet. She cemented her name in pop history with her pop culture defining presence.

Highlights: There are 8 songs, they’re all highlights.


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