Got Six Seconds To See Cameron Dallas Nude?

Vine star Cameron Dallas clearly has no problem showing a little skin, appearing shirtless almost constantly since the start of his *ahem* career.

Now we have some alleged nude leaks from the Expelled star as he has apparently been sexting them to fans! Now given the internet celebs sudden rise to popularity along with a childish mental state, we wouldn’t be surprised in him making such a mistake.

Some include Dallas in shot looking gleeful with himself, while others appear without his face or any distinguishing proof these are in fact him, we’re just left with a handful of dick pics. There are a lot to work through leaving us to wonder how many fans were treated to such shots, or if they were all leaked by one exceptionally lucky girl. #TrueLove. Enjoy at your own leisure.

First up we have sexy Cameron nearly nude!

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Next was his alleged first nude outing around January 2014!

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Then some of the more plausible snaps began floating around the net!

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Lastly a pile of dick pics that were attributed to the star!

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Cameron Dallas has always been the hottest of the that group of Vine buds, so we’re beyond grateful it was his leaking and not the nauseating Nash Griers. What do you think about the leaks; real or fake? Either way we’re questioning the odd pubic hair! Note: There are other alleged nudes floating around, but they have been proven to be fakes so we have chosen not to include them.

9 thoughts on “Got Six Seconds To See Cameron Dallas Nude?

  1. i’m sure theyre fakes. and i can’t be bothered. nothings worse than cumming to a picture thinking it’s a beloved “celebrity’s” sacred hidden junk and then finding out its a random non celeb.


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