What Happened To Stereokicks?

We all remember the unnamed, clobbered together eight-piece group from the X Factor last year, that reeked of One Direction times eight realness.

Sterokicks may not have had the vocals to keep up with the other competitors, nor the personality to grow fans across the web like 1D, and the octo-group couldn’t provide great on stage prowess due to the fact there were just so many of them. One thing the group did have going for them however, is that they were totes hot.

And individually they weren’t entirely breath taking, but as a group they emit The Cheerleader Effect.  (When a group of friends look hot together, but individually are average) We were captivated by the band, not by a guilty pleasure like 1D but because of a constant stream of headline hitting controversy. Drug taking, racism, forced abortions and not one, not two, not even three but four of the boys nudes leaking!

After weeks of asking fans for a group name, rumours of a line-up trimming and three trips to the bottom two, the boys were sent home in week eight finishing a respectable fifth place.

On 21 June 2015, the band released their debut single Love Me So. Written by member Tom Mann it charted at number 31 on the UK Singles Chart and 80 in Ireland. After the lukewarm response, the boys announced they would be disbanding on 18 July, less than one month after their singles release, due to failing to land a major record deal. Their final performance together after 11 months saw them headline Thorpe Park’s Island Beats event.

Now The X Factor has come around again we’ve decided to see what our favourite act from last year is up to. If you’re not counting Jake Quickenden, Fleur East or Andrea Faustini.

Barclay Beales


During the show this boy was our kick of choice. Still hearing his yodelling from the previous years audition we were naturally drawn to the devon boy. Since the show he’s stripped off to his tighty whiteys for Attitude magazines sex edition, and was one of the boys with a leaked pic. Yas Gawd. He now performs 45-minute sets for a fee of £350, not too bad for one-eighth of a flopped boy band! He also grew his hair out, and we’re not quite sure how we feel about that.

Chris Leonard


Chris is the one we always forgot the name of, heck we even had to triple check wikipedia while researching this article! He may have been in the background of the band but he’s gearing up to release his first single, or joint-single, he’s still not quite there with the star power. Teaming with DJ Paul Morrell, their song is close to completion and looking at Morrell’s past work its assured to be a hot mess. With his past collabs including Mutya Buena and Kimberly Wyatt, he really has a thing about pop group off casts.

Tom Mann


There was always two halves of Sterokicks, the fit ones and the cute ones. Tom was definitely in the former group, so imagine our surprise when he appeared to be the brains behind the band too! He has recently been the first to release new music and drop a three-track EP, In The Blink Of An Eye. The album is surprisingly good, with a Nick Jonas kinda vibe! He’s totally winning this break up so far!

James Graham


Let’s not beat around the bush, Graham was the lead singer of the massive group so we saw his odd singing face quite a bit, which is why we are scratching our heads as to why he’s yet to progress in his career! There’s only so much time you can spend tweeting fans, and playing football with X Factor alum! Maybe it has something to do with the fact he blasted Louis Walsh after the split of the band.

Reece Bibby


Reece always kind of freaked us out, sorry bout it. He kinda just had crazy eyes and acted sappy, not quite boner-making material we want from our boy banders. What we love about this kid however, is the fact that he waited a little under three months after the break up until he joined a new band New Hope. He also immediately changed all is Stereokicks social media names to New Hope, hilarious. They’re actually not too bad, and Reece looks a lot more cohesive with them than his previous group. If they can ever stop performing covers, we’ll see how they do! We wonder if they’ll audition for The X Factor?

Jake Sims


Jake was the bad trash boy of the group. Every ‘Uh-oh’ headline associated with the band nearly always came from him and to be honest, none of it was really that shocking. Making a gun sign with his hand, endorsing weed and tweeting out pictures of his dick. Why were people offended by this? More please! The Bristolian has recently had a romp with Page 3 model Lucy Turner in a nightclub toilet, dated Ex On The Beach star Megan Rees as well as Take Me Out’s Monica Alcorano. He’s really making his way around the Z-list. He’s also writing music, and not so subtly shading his entire involvement with Stereokicks bemoaning being a part of the boy band scene now that he’s a hip-hop rapper.

Casey Johnson


Casey Jonson. Is. Hot. We know that, you know that. He was probably tied with Barclay as the one to gaze at during their awful renditions of boy band covers. Now he’s using it to his advantage being the only one of the boys to pursue modelling as well as his music career. Now, we’re not quite sure how many paid shoots he’s been on but if you head over to his Insta his photoshoot snaps look good! He’s preparing to embark on a tour with fellow ex-bandmate Tom, with appearances from Barclay, and to be frank they were the only ones that mattered so get us in front row! He is indeed still with Betsy Blue from Only The Young who he began dating while they were both appearing on The X Factor.

Charlie Jones


Little Charlie! Only 14 and shoved in with all these grown lads, and a hareem of screaming girls! He spent a lot of the time on Xtra Factor absent due to his age, which with little screen time he did have as a member of the band, begged the question could you not find another older teen to slot in instead of him? It’s not like it would have made a great difference! Now at the grown age of 16, Jones has released his own song Choose You which he co-wrote with Tom (again!) we’re glad the boys are still friends and supporting one another!

The boys are all pushing forward musically, as well as enjoying their free time holidaying and interacting with their thousands of fans. Making a bit of money tweeting about endorsed products and shifting merch, they’re mostly all still gigging and catching up with one another in their free time (which they seem to have a bunch of).

We really miss the hot mess of this creation and hope the cringe-worthy moments roll on as they attempt to forge failed solo careers. Remember when they were each named a different kick? Charming, Flirty, Sporty…. Northern? We still haven’t forgiven them for the Spice Girls theft.

Who do you think will be the most successful?

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