Guide To: A Mens Mani-Pedi

If you’re thinking about what to ask for this Christmas, a good nail care kit is a must for any man.

If you resort to biting your nails, or indulge in a quick clip with an all-purpose clipper every now and then you seriously need to stop and re-evaluate your life choices. We’re going to list the things you really need to keep in your manicure set to keep perfectly trimmed, healthy nails. It may seem like a dull chore but its one small part of your body that everyone notices, so put in the effort.

1. Nail Clippers

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1289 066

Duh, this is the foundation for any nail trim, but make sure your tools aren’t just some last minute purchase at the pound shop. A cheap metal that dulls after a few uses is not a bargain. Your nails are a living organism on your body so treat them with respect, and pick a slightly more expensive carbon-based steel implement, over an iron based one. Not only will they last longer, but they are better for your nails! Also, avoid the swiss army looking all-in-ones. Separate tools work better, are easier to use, and are cleaner.

2. Toenail Clippers


Yes, you do need two pairs of clippers. Toenail clippers are usually larger than fingernail ones as they are designed for the different shaped nails. No you can not use it as a substitute when you can’t find your other pair. The reason for this is bacteria, your gross ass feet are crawling with fungus’ and who knows what you’ve collected under your fingernails! Do not cross-contaminate! It’s easier than you think to create bad smells and get nasty infections from this! Also, no sharing! For the exact same reason, between your nail and skin is an opening to your body. Would you eat the gunk from your friends toenail? I don’t think so. Unless your Ms. Jackson level nasty.

3. Nail Scissors


Nails are rounded, clippers are more squared. Do you see the problem? For harder to cut areas use nail scissors to avoid catching skin, clipping too short, or clipping angled. If you don’t trim your nails to their natural shape and cut the side down too short this can lead to infected nails. Which is totally gross. Just use scissors dude.

4.Nail File


Not the kind you see the busty blonde constantly using in films, we mean the metal ones that are hidden in cakes for prisoners. After every trim file the nail into a shape, square if thats your natural shape, or rounded off. This is an important step many forget, but clippers are a set shape so leave your nails jagged, and squared off. Once filed down they will be smooth edged and look naturally

5. Nail Buffer


Now your nails are trimmed and filed, buff. Yes, this is usually seen done by women, but theres a reason women do it other than to look bitchy. It’s good for your nails appearance and health! We prefer using the four-in-one blocks. One side files nail edges, the other removes ridges, the third smooths and buffs the nail while the fourth shines it. This is will keep your nails looking on point, and help keep the badness like cigarette smoke if you’re that way inclined away.

6. Hoof Stick


AKA a cuticle pusher. This little tool is doubled ended a rubber tip one side and an angled scraper the other. You push the thick cuticle skin back with the rubber side smoothly, and then flip it over and use the next side to carefully scrape the thin, almost invisible skin from your nails. You know the part.

7. Cuticle Cutters


Now your cuticles have been pushed back use this tool to trim them off. Do not use clippers, scissors or any other tool, and don’t cut them too deep. This is what causes that part of your skin attached to the nail to go red and swell. instead just make sure your cuticles are not too long or growing to far down your nail. They’re there to protect your body from things trying to enter through that part of it. So make it look neat, not non-existent.

8. Under Nail Cleaner


Okay so that may not be the technical word for this gadget, but it’s what it does. A separate tool with a thin edge to clean out all the gunk underneath your nails. If you have a double-sided one you can use intermittently with hands and feet (as long as you remember which is which) but if not just pick up two. We’re pretty sure these are used to file in-grown toenails but whatever.

9. Slanted Tweezers


I guess you can use the same ones you have for your eyebrows, I doubt you’ll be passing germs from your knuckle. And this is totally an optional one, but we use this to remove hair from our knuckles. Nobody wants King Kong hands once they’ve got their beautiful manicure. Besides it’s way less painful to use on your hands then your face! If this isn’t your jam, scissors to trim them are fine or a razor if your hair situation is minimal.

10. Cuticle Cream

download (1)

Burts Bees do a mens version, but any cuticle cream is fine. These just nourish, and moisturise your cuticles and nails. It softens your cuticles, and leaves your fingers and toes smelling fresh and looking healthy. The Burts Bees ones is also naturally produced, so this is what we stick with.

11. Nail Brush


This is not just a manicure thing, but a daily task. You should be brushing your nails throughout your day, maybe only once or twice. But especially after cooking, when handling dirty items, or after using the bathroom for a number deux. This just helps elevate the gunk that builds up in them.

12. Foot Buffer


There are plenty of versions for this, including many electrical devices we have yet to try. Ours is a two part contraption similar to this, one buffs down the hard skin on your foot. Namely heel and big toe, and the other buffs it over smoothly! It’s just not attractive to have hard dried skin on your feet, and the longer you leave it the worse it gets. So stay on top of it!

13. Hand/ Foot Cream


We’ve compiled these together but they are definitely two separate entities. Protecting, moisturising and caring for these body parts are essential to do daily! Yes daily! We don’t think about brushing our teeth, washing our face, or cleaning our junk, but these two are our most used parts of the body. We literally use them constantly throughout our day, so it is important to give them the respect they deserve.

14. A Case


A nice looking case to keep all your mani-pedi products in is a must not just for aesthetic purposes, but also convenience that all your items are together when you need to use them but also it’s more hygienic then leaving them scattered with your other grooming products. Store them together and out of the way!

Now you’ve read our step-by-step guide, keep on top of your nail care weekly and it will be much less of a chore. Have a proper sit down and assess the sitch at least once a month to see if anything needs extra attention. Make sure you clean products before and after use to be on the safe side. Lastly, if your equipment dulls or cracks, don’t make do! Replace them immediately, and try to keep a better habit of washing your hands throughout the day as well as taking care of your feet and letting them breathe when you can!

Now go forth and have beautifully kemp nails!

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