Top 10: Bops Of The Week

Today is Friday 6th November, last week we debut out big gay halloween playlist so forewent the usual top 10 so this weeks is even better!

1. Focus – Ariana Grande

Our pint-sized diva is back! Her last album slated our entire lives, and this latest outing is just as good, and covered in lavender! This track is seriously bringing out our inner Magic Mike. The music video is to die for, she’s seriously cementing her signature look with a jazzy dance break! Plus homegirl isn’t a fan of singing her own chorus’, so we can scream over it without missing a thing!

2. Sax – Fleur East

She was robbed! That’s usually what enters our mind when we hear this contestants name, but today we’re thinking “slay queen!” Her new track is fun, upbeat and unmistakably Fleur, which is great to achieve on your first ever single! We’re excited to see her performance on the X Factor this week so she can show these wannabes how its done!

3. I’ll Show You – Justin Bieber

Okay so this is Justins fourth consecutive bop to make in on our list! Where Are U Now? What Do You Mean? Sorry and now I’ll Show You, kid is dominating the pop scene as a fully fledged adult! While this may not be as great as the previous outings it’s still a good effort, and we’re definitely leaning towards his album over 1D as of late!

4. Venus Fly – Grimes, Janelle Monae

This track is an easy one to skip, but it’s actually a bop! A cool techno, thumping beat by Grimes featuring Monae’s vocals. The entire track bubbles under the surface, and with some cool visuals could make a great interlude. These two have been on the brink of stardom for a while, we’re waiting for their explosion onto the pop scene.

5. Better – Banks

This is sort of a one-note track that sees Banks riffing over oddly timed electro music. The more you listen however, the more haunting it gets, and the more available for you to take away. The first cut from her second album may not be a show-stopper, but we love Banks nonetheless.

6. Drowning Shadows – Sam Smith

We’re not fans of Smith re-releasing his debut album, we’ve made that clear! Also, not the greatest of timing though with Adele still taking over the airways! We definitely prefer Smiths more upbeat, dancing songs than this piano ballad but we’re enjoying the sombre song.

7. Coming Home – Sigma, Rita Ora

This track is pure Sigma, and pure Ora. In that respect it should be a big hit, especially given Ora’s judging stint on X Factor, but something sounds lacking. As though Sigma took the exact same base mix from his other records and just lay the pop stars vocals on top. Still worth a listen!

8. The Girl Is Mine– 99 Souls

Any song that remixes vintage Destinys Child is a winner in our eyes. 99 Souls chooses Girl to rework into a club banger, and the results are phenomenal.

9. Light It Up – Major Lazer, Nyla, Fuse ODG

Perfect title for bonfire weekend. Major Lazer is going from strength to strength this year, working with the most prolific music stars and producing some of the years hottest tracks! This one is no different, perfect for the club, or a party this track is definitely the biggest dance bop on the list.

10. Firework – Katy Perry

A gay anthem in it’s own right, this bonfire weekend is the perfect time to bring it back! Although it was technically bonfire night yesterday, we all know it’s the weekend that counts. So pop on this tune and watch the firework displays.

Listen now in Spotify!

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