Jeremy Goes Gay On Peep Show!

If you’re British, or a fan of comedy generally you’ll no doubt have seen Peep Show.

The beloved comedy series, that has gained a cult following since its inception in 2003, has come back for a final season three years since its last.

Co-lead character Jeremy, better know as Jez, has always been a fan of the ladies with a string of ill-fated romances. During this seasons second episode however, the title character enjoys some guy on guy action with fellow ‘straight’ friend Joe while his friends watched on nonchalantly via webcam.

The surprising twist was apparently not so shocking to longterm viewers either as there was little mention of it over social media, as fans tweeted generally about the hilarity of the episode.

The unfolding of the episode saw Jez question his sexuality, discuss it with friends and deal with the outcome in both a sensitive and hilarious manner.

This exploration of sexuality is a great plot point as the character is a well established straight man who viewers have grown to love for over a decade who is now experimenting in his later life, torn between wether he loves a man, the mans girlfriend or both.

The episode left the drama unanswered with Jez rambling on in a best man speech about sexuality, gender in love and marriage, and the confusion that comes with it, so we’ll definitely be tuning in next Wednesday to see how this story unfolds! Also, props to Joe for being a hottie, so grateful.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 00.18.26.png

3 thoughts on “Jeremy Goes Gay On Peep Show!

  1. ‘Well established straight’…? Jez has always clearly been bi. He slept with over 4 men. He sucked off Hans. He gave a hand job to the Orgazoid. He was jealous when Hans got Barney to suck him off. I’m really at a loss as to why anyone thinks Jez is straight.


    1. He was also clearly attracted to Big Suze’s boyfriend (so much so that he fantasises about him whilst being pegged), thought about “humping” the guy he was supposed to be “life-coaching”, and even momentarily considered “raping” Mark whilst he was unconscious.


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