Top 10: Bops Of The Week

It’s Friday 20th November, and we’re so ready for the weekend! Here’s our top 10 tracks to get us in the mood!

1. Where Do We Go – LION BABE

We must have missed duo Lion Babe when they first released their EP last year, despite collabs with Childish Gambino, but on the lead up to their first album Begin we have finally caught on! They’re music is perfect dance music for the weekend.

2. When We Were Young – Adele

Expect to see Adele on this list for the remainder of the year, the music matriarch is killing it once again wither her third studio album 25. This song is not yet on Spotify, we recommend watching the live version at The Church Studios, she is both intensely soulful, diva-ish and hilarious.

3. Stretch 2-3-4 – WatchTheDuck ft. Pharrell

Pharrell is everywhere, always, but he adds greatness into every song he touches so we’ll forgive him. This song is akin to Kanye’s Workout Plan, fun and a total bop. We’re loving this record and can not wait to make a whole dance routine for it.

4. Wha Gwarn? – Chase and Status

We haven’t heard from Chase and Status in a while, but always love seeing them live, and any song that include the phrase ‘Wha Gwarn’ has us hooked! It also includes the illustrious question ‘Whats good?’, sorry Miley! If you’re into London grim, you’ll be a fan.

5. WTF – Missy Elliott

Yaaaaaaaaaas. Missy Elliott is back! We’ve been waiting on new music since this hip-hop legend completely took over the Superbowl from Katy Perry last year, and she did not disappoint. She brought back the tone and style we loved most about her and twisted and mixed it up for the new era.

6. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

We are now official fans of Justin Bieber, though we’ll be damned if we go anywhere near the ‘belieber’ kids. His latest music has been one bop after another, and now the album has been officially released they just keep coming. Love Yourself is a sweet sounding diss track, and Justin sounds good AF.

7. Colors – Halsey 

Halsey began her career as a fan girl, posting a parody of I Knew You Were Trouble in a tribute to favourite band One Direction. After finding success of YouTube, Tumblr and Soundcloud she has worked her way up to a full album that was released last month. She has received a mixed reception, but a lot of people are talking about her either way. We like this offering.

8. Hurt Me – Lapsley

This isn’t a new song, but it’s the first time we’ve heard it so that makes it new to us. We don’t know much about Hapsley but this song is cool and raw. The lyrics are evocative and the background vocals that chime in now and again add another depth to the record.

9. Trouble – Cage The Elephant

Not a poppy bop, but a good time either way. Quite the popular American rock band we are shocked to have not heard of them before. But who are we lying, the British own rock. They’re earworm chorus and easy listening tunes are great for chill moments.

10. Dip It Low – Christina Milian

This weeks throwback track comes courtesy of Ms. Milian, we’re off to the club this weekend so we need the inspo of this once great R&B diva. AM to PM, When You Look At Me; she had so much potential to be a bop machine but she just came to a halt. We dip it low in sadness for her.

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