Nick Jonas Releases New Album

Nick Jonas has finally released his latest album Nick Jonas X2, but we are so frickin’ pissed.

After solid teases with singles ‘Levels’ and ‘Area Code’, a spot on Scream Queens and co-headlining tour with Demi Lovato we were so pumped for his latest collection.

What we received however was just ONE new song ‘Good Thing’ alongside the two we’ve already heard earlier in the year.

Rather than a new album, he rereleased his sophomore album from last year with a few remixes. I’m sorry but to us remixes aren’t songs, they’re something cool to find on YouTube.

With features from Tinashe, Sage The Gemini, and Jhen√© Aiko we’re still excited about the extra material from bae, just a little underwhelmed.

Rereleases, deluxe editions and compilation albums need to be stopped, they’re insulting to fans having to shell out money for material they already own, we suggest streaming on Spotify.


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