Top 10: Bops Of The Week

Get ready for another #FeelGoodFriday with our top 10 bops of the week for Friday 27, November. After Adele, J Biebs and 1D’s new albums its been kind of a slow week, but heres what we’ve been jamming to.

1. What The World Needs Now Is Love – Will Young

Openly gay Will Young hasn’t been on the scene for a while so we were thrilled when we saw him slide back onto our radar. This sweet melodic track is an uplifting tune, but does not seem to go anywhere.

2. When The Bassline Drops – Craig David ft Big Narstie

Speaking of comebacks, where has Craig David been? Perhaps better known these days as the plastic, large chinned character played by Leigh Francis on Bo Selecta, he is bringing early 00’s R&B back to the new age, and we love it!

3. Live Young Die Free – FLETCHER

Who is FLETCHER? I don’t know, but I’m liking her. Sounding like Ellie Goulding, and the track reminiscent of Fight Song, we’re loving this thumping track. Lots of chanting and beating drums with a catchy chorus this is a total car jam.

4. Saint Cecilia – Foo Fighters

We’ve always been a big fan of the Foo Fighters, and their new track is unmistakably them. Cool, and just begging you to head band along to the beat, this song is great. Nothing special but a total dance around in you room by yourself bop.

5. More And More – Fleur East

East is just cool, anytime she talks over a track ‘c’mon’, ‘oh yeah’ we’re alongside her screaming too. After losing out on the title of winner on last years X Factor, she was the peoples champion, and because of that we’re throwing all our support to her music. Well, at least her first album, then its up to her. We’re creating a whole dance routine for this.


What is with these capital names with new artists? Is it supposed to capture our attention? Because it’s worked. SOPHIE is not a kpop 12 year old like it may sound, he is actually a male London based producer who has worked with Charlie XCX and Madonna, and we can see why his music is quite something!

7. The War Inside – Azekel

Okay, we have a weak spot for breathy soulful singers, and Azekel provides the best of that genre. Singing about love, he is a The Weeknd, Nick Jonas mix, which is phenomenal. Plus the production and are those, horns? are totally sick.

8. Boys Like You – Who Is Fancy? ft Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor

We spoke about this one earlier in the week so it had to be included. Fancy is really proving to be a male diva, but wether or not that will get annoying, or drop dead gorgeous is yet to be seen. The track is doowoppy, fun and total bubblegum.

9. No One Else – Isac Elliot

Attractive, slim, white boy. This may not be anything revolutionary or out of the box, but it’s a cute song. We’re not expecting Elliot to go far, but this is our lady jam for the week. Basically another J Biebs clone, with a weak voice.

10. Backflip – Raven Symone

She’s been living with her foot firmly lodged inside her jaw the past few years but we miss the old Raven back when she was on Disney. This B.O.P. is a shining example of the best she had to offer in her youth. An underrated gem. (Note: Spotify shockingly do not carry this track so you will have to Google for yourself. We included the shows theme song for nostalgia instead)

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