12 Queens That Need To Be On All Stars 2

The time is coming after seven seasons, three since its last, that Rupauls Drag Race All Stars is coming. Soon to be filming, we decided to hand Ru our choices for the fierce-filled season.

1. Adore Delano (Season 6)


Bianca Del Rio steamrolled season 6, her win was unquestionably deserved, but in the years since, and on rewatches Adore captivates us time and again. She truly was the heart of the season, charming, hilarious and talented to boot.

In the short time since she released an incredibly well-recieved album and her own tour, this party-loving ingénue is an absolute must for all-stars.

2. Willam (Season 4)


In her season Willam was a shoe-in for the crown, unlike most queens she entered the show with an acting career already on the rise, but her impossibly quick wit and shocking humour that won us over. There was never a moment she wasn’t two steps ahead of the game.

In the years since she’s skyrocketed to becoming one of the most famous queens to ever come from the show with tv, movies, music, web shows and controversies on the reg.

3. Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 (Season 5)


Through her season Alaska struggled with coming out of the shadow of previous winner, her at the time partner Sharon Needles. Though her work was flawless, she was part of ‘Rolaskatox’, the in-group where viewers were rooting for outcast Jinxx Monsoon.

Since Leaving the show she has been killing it with every move. Her album is incredible, her collabs are beyond, and her comedy is uniquely phenomenal. At this point she has completely eclipsed almost every other queen, including her ex-boyfriend. It won’t be all-stars without this addition.

4. Katya (Season 7)


This Russian hooker was fan-favourite from the beginning. Season 7 didn’t have any amazing stand outs, all the queens were kind of equals. But Katya always gave that little extra pep to her performance that tipped the scales in her favour.

When she was eliminated fifth fans were up in arms, demanding her back, refusing to watch and whatever else happened. During crowning pulled a naughty trick on those young queens by calling her on, just to shoo her back off the stage.

5. Ongina (Season 1)


Where the show is now with high profile celebrity judges, endorsement deals galore, and a globally recognised phenomenon, All Stars 2 is a great place to bring it back to its humble beginnings where it all began. One of the stand outs from the first ever season was sweet, sweet Ongina. How she never made the first instalment of All Stars is beyond us.

She brought heart to the show, while many were just enjoying themselves seeing something new and entertaining on the tv, she added the extra something to push the show further. Her emotional confession to living with HIV was a special and vulnerable moment, she has since appeared in a Logo Tv special on the topic.

6. Alyssa Edwards (Season 5)


Much of Alyssa’s season was filled with her feud with Coco which provided us with a lot of Alyssa, but not enough of her free-spirited mind. She was Miss. Congeniality, obvi and much beloved by her own hardcore fans.

She has been quite active since with two of her drag daughters appearing on the show, and her own mini-series Alyssa’s Secret that is still running years later. Her infamous phrase “bankrolls?” amongst others are still forced into the show today. It would be a travesty to leave her out.

7. Vivacious (Season 6)


Though she may have been third eliminated this queen only lasted 2 episodes, not exactly all-star material. However, Vivacious gave us old club drag. Her limited onscreen offerings were nothing short of extraordinary. With a gaggle of comedy, and glam queens, she provides us something offbeat that we love.

After her short run this older queen has been hitting the underground scene again DJing and performing in her typical unique fashion. She was among those performing at the VMA’s with Miley. We’re still waiting on news from Ornacia.

8. Detox Icunt (Season 5)

Finale, Reunion & Coronation Taping Of Logo TV's "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 5 - Arrivals

Part of Rolaskatox, this queen was one of the populars amongst her season with her fellow queens and viewers. With her sing off against Jinkx it was difficult to choose between the two. (We would have much rather seen Roxxy go)

Since seeing her last she had a messy break-up with super band DWV, and so with two thirds on the show we’re hoping for fireworks! She also gave us one of the best looks we’ve seen from a queen in the reunion when she was donned entirely in black and white.

9. Jiggly Caliente (Season 4)


Jiggly? You ask. JIGGLY? Yes Jiggly. She was the underdog of her season, she was kooky and crazy and a flat out mess. We have this queen in every season. Trinity K. Bonet, Jasmine Masters. The queen who gives it their all but can’t quite achieve.

Jiggly is still the butt of many a joke on Drag Race and between the queens that have appeared. We’re giving her a second chance for redemption, but mostly for another laugh.

10. Laganja Estranga (Season 6)


Yas Mama! Laganja may not have been the most popular on her season, but she was definitely the most memorable. Her constant attention-grabbing tactics and her near breakdowns every episode kept us glued to the screen.

Since she has been as dramatic as ever recounting her ‘trauma’. She’s given some memorable performances at clubs, showing us what she could have been if she had been herself. She also death drops anywhere possible, including the VMA’s stage because why not?

11. Jessica Wild (Season 2)


Who? You ask. Jessica! We reply. Okay, Jessica is not an all star (sorry queen) but we wanted to invite someone from every season! And number two was drained of its greatest runners: Tyra, Raven, Jujubee, Pandora, Shangela. (RIP Sahara) So this is the best we can come up with. Plus we love our Puerto Rican queens.

Since on the show she had an Absolut Vodka commercial (get that promo!) and is a fan of American Horror Story. Sorry, we don’t really know what she’s been doing but someone needs to be first to go.

12. Ginger Minj, Trixie Mattel, Max, Miss Fame (Season 7)


Okay, as said before the queens of season 7 were all kind of on par. Ginger and Trxie were comedy queens. Miss Fame, glamour and Max unique. We don’t really mind which one shows up as long as all stars isn’t filled with half a cast of this season.

What have they been doing since? They probably had a shot of tequila and a cigarette in the time All Stars 2 has come around. All Stars is a lot about showing your growth and your recharged performances. Going in a season after seems like one long learning process.

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