Man Of The Week: Rami Malek

We just started binge-watching last summers critically acclaimed series Mr. Robot, and one of its standout components is the enigmatic star, Rami Malek.

We’ve seen this guy around and have always felt a strange attraction to him as he’s not your typical hollywood hunk, but seeing him as the leading man on the USA Network show has cemented our devotion to him.


The California-born actor of Egyptian descent attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, that has educated many celebs, before receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2003 from the University of Evansville, in Indiana.

The following year he bagged his first television role in an episode of Gilmore Girls, and then went on to make appearances in several shows including: Over There, Medium, 24, The Pacific, Alcatraz, and Believe.


His largest television role until Mr. Robot was his starring role on FOX’s The War At Home, that lasted for two seasons. His character in the show was a teenage homosexual, Kenny, who dealt with coming out, his first crush and homelessness.

The character, as well as dealing with his sexuality, was a comedic high point of the show. Providing a zany personality and plenty of one-liners, over just dealing with being gay. A fan favourite he seemed like he would fit right in on The Big Bang Theory, before it was ever even a show!

He was a cross between funny, and touching with his crush on best friend Larry and typical sitcom happenings. It was our first taste of Malek and we we’re forever changed.

Among a clutter of films that include three Night at the Museum entrances, a Twilight flick and a couple of other almost hits; Battleship and Need For Speed, the actor had a few roles in decent ones Short Term 12, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, and The Master.

Rami in Night At The Museum

One of his greatest pieces of work in his short career thus far was his turn in miniseries The Pacific, where he played soldier (in uniform and all) with some sort of southern drawl. This was probably his most notable role yet, where he caught eye of producer Tom Hanks, who pulled him into his latest film Larry Crowe.

It’s worth noting while Need For Speed under-achieved, our guy strips butt naked in it. Save for a pair of stripy socks. Heart eyes emoji.

Lastly, you should be informed. This guy has a brother, a TWIN brother. Sami. Rami, and Sami Malek. Are you dead yet? When they were young they apparently pulled a Mary-Kate and Ashley, and would trade places for tests and pranks etc. Which you can watch on Jimmy Kimmel.


If you like the look of him, check out his interviews, his personality will make you melt, and be sure to catch up on Mr.Robot before next summer. His intense personality is riveting!

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