Mariah Carey Teases Self-Directed Christmas Movie!

The unabashed Queen of Christmas is spreading her empire for the two months a year her career is revitalised.

Mariah Carey is set to make her directorial debut as she stars in A Christmas Melody, alongside Lacey Chabert.

The flick will see Carey and Chabert as old high school enemies reunited after the latter returns to town as the singer will be well established as the PTA president.

No tea, no shade but “high school enemies”? How many years was Mariah held back? Chabert would have still been in nappies when MiMi was in high school.

Created in conjunction with Hallmark as part of their ‘Countdown to Christmas’ television programming, the movie will be released December 18, 2015.

Mark your calendars, we’ve sure got it written down on ours! We know it’s going to be just as good as Glitter! by which we mean a train wreck.

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