November Favourites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But before we begin December it’s time to list off our favourite things of November!


Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person – Shonda Rhimes


We have a secret to share. We love motivational books, don’t get us wrong we’re not struggling with anything, we’re not wallflowers waiting to bloom but everyone can do with learning and growing through the experiences of others. Shonda’s book is exactly that, you love all of her shows so why not her book. The tone is familiar and comfortable, the stories are honest and eye-opening. Shamelessly entertaining, funny and spunky. This is informal self-help, so sit back and enjoy.



We have bled Netflix dry of anything interesting, so imagine our surprise when we stumbled across this gem. It’s nothing spectacularly groundbreaking but is a little movie full of unbearable tension and somewhat surprising twists. The only negative is a slightly “huh?” ending, but overall it’s easy enough to get over. Plus is stars Julie Benz, who for some reason we root for in real life like a recently divorced friend.

Purpose – Justin Bieber


Adele has totally taken over this year with just over a month to go, but we placed her on last months faves, so here comes J Biebs in second place but still respectable. Yes he’s still a douchebag, no apologising or remorseful music will change that, but we still enjoy his new tunes. A bop is a bop no matter who sings it. Plus, the nudes has in no way changed our minds…

Jessica Jones


Bless Netflix original shows, they’re so good and so binge-worthy! Nothing will ever be better than getting every episode of a season at once. Plus, the B! is back! Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones in this instalment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, television section. The noir styling and darkness of the show is a highlight, as well as some A+ acting dealing with difficult topics.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Cologne


We were shopping the other day and picked up a Paco Rabanne gift set on a whim. While we usually use Ultraviolet, 1 Million is a great change. The smell is inviting and distinct, spraying we’ve already recognised others we’ve experienced it on previously. Many have complimented us this month on it, so we’re sharing with you! Put it on your christmas list.

Loyalty Cards

Store loyalty cards

When shopping we usually grab our items and go, no thanks to the offers, or loyalty schemes, or feedback forms. We’re busy, okay. When we brought the previously mentioned gift set we were pleasantly surprised when the checkout assistant practically forced us to have a loyalty card as she found it absurd we may lose the £6 we had already racked up on it with our purchases. We thought screw it, £6 is £6. We then thought of all the other stores we drop serious cash in, and the benefits we could have received. With Christmas on the way, nows the time to sign up and reap the rewards later.

Neutral Herringbone Socks – River Island


We’re not one for holes, and worn out patches in our socks. Just because your shoes are on top and they’re rarely seen should it mean your pride in ones-self slips. Get some nice, smart and comfortable socks for the winter. We’re loving these cheap ones from RI. £12 for a 5-pack. Bargain right? Slowly keep buying different packs until the ones from 5 years ago are officially GONE!

Fall Out 4


We’re not one of those guys glued to their X-Box at all times, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like an hour from time to time. Fall Out 4 is the latest in a line of smart, stylish games that incorporates everything we like in a game. Strategy, shooting and a lot of time able to trek through the map and scavenge.

Gameface Moisturiser – Triumph and Disaster


It’s winter, the could makes our skin dry, sore and cracking. Bring in excellent moisturiser. Engineered by infusing Jojoba extract, Horopito oil, Ponga fern and Vitamin E, Gameface is nutrient rich and hydrating. It’s light and sinks in quickly, you’ll feel constantly fresh.

Veggie Burritos


Were officially living in our oversized jumpers and thick jackets. This means its time to throw away any remnants of a diet and treat ourselves. Our new obsession is burritos. Can you believe we’ve gone 22 years without one. We had two within a week in fact! One pulled pork, and one veggie for variety. While both were great, the veggie was less messy and invasive. The veggie while still packed with calories, felt classier. If you make your own, just make sure you wrap it in aluminium foil for that burger van feel!

Your Choice!


No, this isn’t a create your own adventure or audience participation. This is the sheer, harsh truth that you never get what you want for Christmas. Remember being young and wanting that one toy, and then you got something wildly different. A young teen you wanted that phone, and got a cheaper replacement. Last year you wanted a simple black, leather wallet and got a camouflage substitute with velcro (shudder). So this is the time to get yourself whatever you want for Christmas, you’re an adult now! Just buy it after you finish your Christmas shopping, you’ll feel very deceiving of it with all of your generous work!


Let us know what you think of our favourites. What are you loving this month?

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