Top 10: Gay SNL Skits

Saturday Night Live has included gay-friendly jokes for as long as I have been a fan.  So as a stage so sacred, that produced stars such as Noël Wells, Morwenna Banks and Terry Sweeney, (i’m just kidding who are these cast members? You know the successful ones.) Here’s out top 10 gay SNL sketches.

10. Ellen Page Has Feelings

Playing on the jokes of lesbianism with comments on Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls and Ellen Degeneres, Ellen Page reeled off everything about being a lesbian. The not-so-subtle references were a nod to her speculated sexuality. The kicker is it was years before she truly did come out. Good for her.

9. Canteen Boy and the Scoutmaster

Alec Baldwin and young Adam Sandler playing gay? Not too bad! Although the perverted undertones to the sketch is not the best for our community, it can be seen as funny nonetheless. The controversial sketch saw Baldwin make inappropriate advices toward Sandler.

8. Homocil

I first winced at this comical advert on first viewing as mean-sprited and offensive. It’s one thing to provide gay stereotypes, but to make fun of gay children is across my barrier. I included it after a quote from one of the co-creators.

“they were so worried about gay people being mad about it, and I was like, “This is the most gay-friendly, gay-positive commercial you could possibly write. I guarantee.” And then in one of the meetings, I finally said, “All right, well, I’m gay, and I’m telling you right now that you can fire me if nobody that’s gay likes this.” It ended up being at the GLAAD Awards and played at every gay bar.”

7. Jeffreys

Starring Jimmy Fallon in his most convincing role and Sean Hayes, Dennis Quaid or Sean William Scott, the two friends are store assistance in an up market store. The pair refuse to help any customers, just scoff and reel off endless monotoned catty statements.

6. Gay Camp

This sketch may be made of typical SNL ingredients, but the funny thing is (also sad) gay camps are a real thing. The whole idea of turning straight, Ben Afflecks refusal to kiss his wife, and warning over the lack of supervision the boys will receive are all winners. The whole thing is a laugh riot, but no kiss!

5. The Dudleys

This is a laugh out loud sketch that was aimed kind of to make fun of me. I was one of those crying about diversity on television. While it is still a problem, it’s funny to see it played on screen.

4. Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings

This sketch marks three adverts on our list as it deals with a special Xanax for gay weddings. Perfectly topical after the uproar about the legalisation of same-sex marriage this shows our community in a positive light, rather than ‘destroying’ marriage, we’re doing it way better. Side note: Jason Sudeikis and Taran Killam are a total OTP.

3. Ambiguously Gay Duo

Voiced by Stephan Colbert and Steve Carrell this hilarious sketch is lower down the list as it originally appeared of The Dana Carey Show before finding a home on SNL. An animated parody of comic book duos like Batman and Robin, the pair get into suggestive situations in hilarious matters. There was also (thankfully) a live action version starring Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon.

2. Schmitts Gay

SNL always has some great comercials, but this is one of its best. The Schmitts Gay Beer commercial sees Adam Sandler and Chris Farley (the would be voice of Shrek, RIP) as two housesitting teens who decide to get into mischief. In true beer commercial style an upbeat guitar riff plays and the boys are surrounded by half naked hotties all getting oiled up, wet and drinking the ice cold refreshment. In a twist on the classic ads however, the hotties are guys!

1. Stefons Every Appearance

Fan-favourite, Stefon is most likely Bill Haders most recognisable character, he appears throughout many seasons of the show. Even popping up now Hader has left the show. He steals every scene he’s a part of, causing many a cast member to break out laughing, including himself.

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