Top 10: Disney Prince’s

As mentioned in a previous post, young gay boys love Disney, and while they’re idolising beautiful princesses their counterparts offer up some strange feelings. We’ve decided to count down the top princes we’re DTF.

As with our princess list we have only included the official princes, no animals or leading men of other Disney movies are included.

10. Charming


Charming is a total snoozefest, he has zero personality and a weird foot fetish. He does have his good points though, like how he went totally out of his way to track down a hottie who left without giving her number. Hot, and super rich his name is synonymous with the type of guy everyone wants to find so we can forgive his dullness.

9. The Beast


We’re not into beastiality so this prince loses points for spending the majority of the movie fucked up. Also, he has total anger issues which is a no-go. Once human he spends most his screen time wet in a ripped shirt, iya. He has a big heart, and changes from super-douche to super-sweet, we’re totally here for guys we can mould into our perfect creation.

8. John Smith


While he may have come over with a group of people who wanted to you know wipe out an entire tribe of people and steal their homeland, Smith goes against the grain sticking up for the natives. We like a guy who has his own mind and doesn’t follow the pack. He also shows up once more when Pocahontas has a new beau, but doesn’t do anything loser-ish. Also, that jaw-line!

7. Kristoff


Our latest prince is not like the rest, he actually has a job. We love a guy with a career and aspirations. Plus, bonus points for being voiced by openly gay Jonathan Groff. He’s a bumbling idiot, but totally cute. His family are all sweethearts who have raised him well. He is kinda too close to his reindeer though, which is a minus.

6. Phillip


We’re heavy sleepers, rarely waking up for our alarm, someone like Phillip who goes above and beyond for his sleeping princess  is a total turn on for us. Childhood crush grown up to be a total babe, Phillip gives us boy next door feelings. His penchant for macking on with unconscious people means you’ll have to keep an eye on him at frat parties though.

5. Li Shang


We’re into the big dogs now. Li Shang is one of our favourite princes due to his sexually ambiguous background, he was totally checking out Ling through the training. He is probably the most cut of the guys, and spends most his time in uniform. Plus he’s the head of an army who has the best male song in Disney history.

4. Naveen


Naveen may be one of the hottest princes on the list, he’s musical and has an accent for days. We’re a total match with his superficial attitude, and he’d totally drop some serious cash on us which is perfect. The downside? He’s kind of a womaniser, knocking him down the list. He does grow up by the end of the movie, shifting his morals to whats important.

3. Eric


Eric is one of the core princes from the more traditional movies so we’ve been crushing on him since before birth. The jet black hair, ice blue eyes, classic fashion and. those. brows. Yes his eyebrows are 90% of the reason he makes it so high up on our list. Is fleek still a thing? Drawback, he didn’t kiss the girl and almost got snagged up by a dickpig.

2. Flynn


Flynne is the most edgy of princes, he’s not a perfectly fitting love interest to swoon over. He’s kind of douchey and uninterested to begin with, providing a little chase. His highpoint is he is a total bad boy. Slimy at times he’s usually completely charming and hilarious.

1. Aladdin


Obviously Aladdin is the top dog, he even snagged his own movie away from the princess, get it queen! He’s totally got it going on with that bod, and he’s a total go-getter, trying to climb that socioeconomic ladder. Oh yeah, did we mention his sidekick can get you anything you want at all?

The ones who didn’t make it: Ferdinand, he’s the original prince so maybe should have gotten a shout out but, nah. The calibre is too high to include someone who spent like 2 minutes in the film and kissed a freaking corpse, ew. He does have a great voice though. Tarzan, this one is completely physical, can you imagine the animalistic bedroom activities, also he’s like super flexible. Edward, our only human on this list is played by James Marsden meaning he would otherwise be number one. He’s kinda dumb but a great guy. Why didn’t Giselle end up with him? Hercules, his dad is a literal god, he’s a fiery red head, and his biceps are crazy ridiculous. So yeah, Hercules is an honourable mention for sure.

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