Kylie Jenners Most Scandalous Photoshoot Yet

The youngest of the Kadashian/Jenner clan is making headlines once more as she covers Interview magazine in her most daring photoshoot yet.

The reality tv star dons a domonatrix-esque wardrobe as she poses in an array of robot poses.

One shot sees her bare her full buttocks to camera, as well as another of her bent over a table with her (suspiciously flatter than her selfies)  butt raised in the air.

The popular Instagram and Snapchat user looks almost unrecognisable due to her harsh make up and contouring and taped back face, simulating the look of excessive botox.

A generic looking man in a suit appears in a selection of the shots interacting with the young celeb who seems to be a living doll. In one snap she’s lying in a crate, another she’s serving drinks, one more she is being carried by the aforementioned man.

The poses along with futuristic outfits and hair, and plastic appearance displays Jenner as some form of sex doll submissive to the male. We’re curious to see what photographer Steven Klein’s vision was supposed to be.

Some internet users, and disability advocates have responded negatively to one particular image that sees her sitting in a wheel chair with complaints of glamorising the disability unnecessarily.

The shoot is the most interesting part of the spread as the questions are beyond belief boring: What superpower would you have? What person living or dead would you invite to dinner? Do you have any embarrassing memories? These are actual questions asked, and the answers aren’t all the exciting. What a snoozefest.

See the photos below, and head over to Interview to read the article.

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