Top 10: Amanda Seyfried Movies

Today is Amanda Seyfried’s birthday so we’ve decided to list our favourite movies from the actress who went from unknown in Mean Girls to gaining more success than her plastic co-stars combined. Happy 30th Birthday Amanda!

10. Lovelace

Playing the role of Deepthroat herself, we’re on board with any biopics about porn stars. Especially ones that see James Franco play Hugh Hefner. The small film has an all-star cast including our favourites Wes Bently, Chloe Sevigney, Juno Temple and Bobby Cannavale. It got mixed reviews from critics as well as under-performing at the box office, but Seyfried’s performance was a standout. Also, Lilo was originally signed onto the film so it just makes it that much better that the role went to her once unknown co-star Amanda.

9. While We’re Young

This flick was a film festival favourite, starring alongside Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts and up-and-coming Adam Driver the acting across the board was wonderful, and the realism made for some astute observations. Unlike a good chunk of her filmography this feature received positive reviews from the critics and allowed her to try something new after a series of big budget movies.

8. Ted 2

Seyfried character in Mean Girls got one of the biggest laughs as she stole every scene she was in with her comedic performance of dumb Karen. In the years since all of her roles have been dramatic and serious so it’s nice to see her get to flex her funny bone in another raunchy comedy. While she may be the hot girl replacement in the sequel, she does well with the comedy. Though most of it is aimed at her.

7. Epic

Seyfried took a different turn in Epic lending her voice to her first animated movie as the lead role. The stunning children’s movie also stars Beyonce, and anything with Beyonce involved is clearly a success. It also features the voices of several other stars, but they’re not Beyonce. The film was a box office smash earning $268.4 million.

6. Dear John

It is Hollywood law for any beautiful, blonde, young actress to play lead in their very own romcom. Seyfried did quite well with hers starring opposite Channing Tatum. Based on a Nicholas Sparks book, the film has one emotional scene after the next, and Amanda proved well in the leading lady role.

5. In Time

In Time is a good ass movie, regardless of what some critics may say it’s amazing and Timberlake did a good job too. Seyfried played the Bonnie to his Clyde as she was a futurist rich girl gone bad. The wig was awesome, the clothes stunning and we could watch her run in heels all day. A totally innovated and cool movie, we definitely would recommend.

4. Jennifers Body

We don’t need to explain our love for this movie…because we already did that in our top gay horror movies. A wickedly smart script, Amanda did great with her geeky character Needy, transforming her from uber-nerd to ass-kicking femme fatale in a believable fashion. Megan Fox may have gotten some of the funnier lines, but we were certainly team Needy. Plus, the make-out scene while random, was cray.

3. Les Miserables

When beloved musical Les Mis came to the big screen we were obsessed, rewatching for weeks afterwards. Saddling up to a stellar cast Seyfried fit right in, matching perfectly to the role of Cosette. Her voice was beautiful and her role while not so large, was captivating. The cast won the Satellite award for Best Ensemble.

2. Mamma Mia!

Another movie musical based on a Broadway show, are we getting too stereotypical? This one saw Seyfried front and centre with the Meryl Streep  in what later became the highest grossing musical of all time taking $609.8 million at the box office. This was the first time we got to witness her angelic voice in her first major role since Mean Girls.

1. Mean Girls

What else would be number one? This film introduced us to Amanda Seyfried, who at the time was unknown next to known stars Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Lacey Chabert. Her ditzy Karen may not have been a large role, but it was enough to make her the breakout star before she shot to stardom later in her life.

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