Top 10: Bops Of The Week

It’s Friday 4 December, and we have a double dose of #FeelgoodFriday not only do we have ten new songs to show you, but also our top ten Christmas bops!

1. Ain’t Too Cool – Lunchmoney Lewis

You may remember Lewis from his number one hit ‘Bills’ (I got bills, I gotta paaaaay, that one) earlier this year, he also featured on Nicki Minaj’s ‘Trini Dem Girls’. His latest release is a cool, poppy jam that packed of cheese and disco-vibes. It was previously used for EA Trax. We can see this blowing up soon!

2. Stay – Kygo ft Maty Noyes

We love Kygo’s production, his tracks and remix’s are always chilled to listen to, and his latest is no different. The only minus is that it does kind of sound the same as all his previous work, but we’re not bored of that yet!

3. Under The Stars – John Legend

John Legend is that dude! He can sit at a piano and sing a song in his soft voice and leave the listener in tears. He’s an amazing songwriter, full of romance he’s a sweet and soulful gentleman. This tracks a great addition.

4. Don’t You Give Up On Me – Lissie

Lissie’s been around, but her last two albums were bubbling under the surface of pop culture. This latest is a great song to dance around to, fun and with a good beat, though we doubt it all be the breakthrough she needs.

5. DADDY – PSY ft CL of 2NE1

PSY was that one hit wonder that smashed YouTube records and blasted into the number on spot to the hilarious delight of many thanks to a viral video. A whole phrase ensued until we realised we were idiotic. Now like a bad rash, he’s back, but we secretly like it. Can’t wait to see the dance routine.

6. Bad Girlfriend – Lola Coca

London popstress Coca gives us something new and cool, like a young Lily Allen. Her pop chorus is catchy and her lyrics funny and relatable. Plus, the beats has us wanting to move dirty.

7. Trustful Hands (The Gravity Remix) – The Dø

French/Finnish pinkie pop duo aren’t gently known outside of France but they should be. This is a remix of their 2014 track by the same name, but it’s perhaps better than the original.

8. Seasick Dream – Jack Johnson

For a change of pace we have American folk/surf/soft rock artist with his relaxed new track. Apparently Johnson’s albums have done quite well in the UK but this is the first we’re hearing of him and we love.

9. We’ve Got Love – Babyface

God we love Babyface, now in his 50’s the R&B singer is still bringing the bedroom tracks. We’ll sway along to this one and pretend it’s about us.

10. Everybody Dance – CHIC

Our throwback this week is a disco track from 77. We think it accurately displays our excitement for the weekend. Now go forth with you day and dance!

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